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Monday, 18 March 2013

More sorting and lots of nostalgia....

We have had another weekend of sorting and clearing out.  The attic is nearly empty.....wahooooo  We have bags and boxes filled and labelled....
  • Charity Shop
  • Tip....we did three more journeys to the tip with our car packed to the roof over the weekend.....what a lot of rubbish you save, just in case, over 65 year and it wouldn't be so bad if it was just ours.
  • Sale room
  • Ebay....thanks for the advise about the knitting machine girls ....it's now on ebay with all the wool and a few other things we thought might sell.
  • Take with us....oh yes there are a few bits we are taking to our new home  :-)
We have been to look at another bungalow....it's where we want, the size we want and yes girls it has a room for my sewing  :-)  We just need to sell our house before it sells so keep everything crossed for us please.

What I did want to share with you this morning is that while we have been packing over the weekend my darling hubby set up the old record player that we had put up in the attic and we have been playing our records from back in the 70s.  The sound was like nothing you ever get from a CD and I have to say we shared so many wonderful memories.

 I wonder how many of you had one of these?  :-)

And just to take a few of you back with us here is the list of our very varied selection of music...

Bowie - Pinups. 1973
Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells a Story. 1971
Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams.  1977
Wings - At the Speed of Sound.  1976
Shirley - Good, Bad but Beautiful.  1975
Val Doonican - Rocks, but gently.  1967
The Stylistics - You are beautiful.  1975
Dave Clark Five - 25 Thumping Great Hits. 1978
Queen - A Night at the Opera.  1975
Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman.  1970
Diana Ross and The Supremes - 20 Golden Greats  CMTV5B-5
Beatles - Revolver [Spanish cover] 062-04097-A
The Bill Haley Collection - double LP. 1968
The Stylistics - Let's Put it All Together.  1974
Gilbert O'Sullivan - A Stranger In My Own Back Yard.  1974
The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter.  SKL.5101
Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  1974
Pink Floyd - The Wall. 1979 [double LP- plain brick cover - no writing]
Sound of Music. RB6616
JimReeves - Distant Drums. 1966
Rod Stewart - Atlantic Crossing.  1975
All this and World War II.  RVLP2 [double LP]
ELO - Discovery.  JET LX 500 

I wonder if any of those were as special to you as they were to us?....I will add that some of them belonged to my Father in law :-)


mamapez5 said...

You are right up to date with the record player. They are very 'in' now. If you want to part with your vinyls, take them to the Ironworks in Oswestry on a Thursday night. It is the vinyl club night and anyone can take their records along and book a short session on the decks. I bet someone there would be interested in buying some of them. Two of my sons are involved with running it. They took all our LPs when we moved. Or even leave them at the Severn Hospice shop labelled 'FAO Mike Perry'.
I do hope you sell your house in time to buy the one you want. It is a very testing time! Don't over do things with all the sorting and packing. Kate x

Helen said...

Still have the one my ex husband left when he left, but don't use it as my craft supplies are in the way and I can't get to it...!!! I agree about the sound quality though.

Twiglet said...

I bet some of those are worth a fortune - but maybe only in memory value!! x Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

Ive got the ELO and Pink Floyd albums. Still got my record deck too, couldnt part with it...indeed, when the loft conversion is fully fnished, it will make a comeback! Well done on all the sorting, it is exhausting and cathartic...and really, the things we save...!

JoZart said...

Gosh there really are some memories there for me too! I've got a loft full of vinyl and it's so hard to part with them.
I let some go when I was in the radio station and people were searching for special records for special occasions so I'd give mine if I had what they wanted so I knew they'd gone to a good cause.
Jo x

Angie said...

I still shudder when I think of the move we made up here. I sold loads on Ebay but found it hard to donate to charity shops as we had no car (hubby had been the driver) and they would not pick it up...shame ...so much went into skips...but in the end I did find a loft clearer who thought he had died and gone to heaven...not sure why we had to pay him!!! lol.

JoZart said...

Hi Annie
Re the blog candy.. if your name is drawn I will draw it again and give someone else a chance. Thanks for that, you are considerate!
love Jo x

voodoo vixen said...

How lovely that you also finding the time to sit and listen and reminisce while the sorting continues!! I bought hubby a deck that connects to his computer and we sit and listen to all his old 45's sometimes... it is amazing how you can be transported back in time to a particular tune!!
I am holding my thumbs that you get a sale before the bungalow peeps do!!

Di said...

Ah, Memory Lane Annie - a nice place for a stroll. Fingers still crossed for you here! Hugs, Di xx

Gill Edwards said...

what a great wallow in nostlagia Annie, you have some great albums there, i would enjoy almost all of those, especially the Bowie and ELO. I am keeping all crossed for you that you get your dream home soon.

Gill x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Again ebay..
I have one of these in our garage, use it for get togethers. My idea was to convert the records to cd's, but haven't got that job done yet either.
You must be exhausted!! But the memories are fun

Elizabeth said...

OMG, Annie - Jim Reeves and Val Doonican are real blasts from the past - my mum and dad love them :) I'm still a Stones fan to this day and I see Rod Stewart has just released a new album so the oldies are still going strong. We had a deck like that too, back in the day but you should have seen the record player/wireless my parents bought me when I was 15 - it was a work of art, made of polished wood and the deck was inside a pull-out drawer - very neat and tidy! Good luck with the rest of the clear out - you have a lot of years to deal with. Elizabeth xx