Friday 22 March 2013

This week's smiles....week 10

Can you believe you have all been joining in this fun for 10 weeks now.....Oh I know you don't all join in every week but I do love it when you do...... thank you all lots for your efforts.

The world really is a much happier place when we all share our smiles and happy times.

I loved all that you blogged about last week and had many a chuckle thanks to my blogging friends.  I know some of you just call by to check out the happy posts....I'm sure we all need a giggle from time to time and how lovely that they know to come here to be cheered up.  :-)

My featured blog from last week is Di's of Pixie's Crafty pop over to see her little friend enjoying a certainly made me chuckle.  It was Di's first time to join in the fun so welcome and thanks for joining in the fun.  If you would like to check out the others please follow the links on my last week's smiley post.

This week I have a picture to share with you with very mixed emotions.  The twins have had a sickness bug off and on all week.  Lexi started with it first and a couple of days ago Sam started with it.  :-(  Shell has sent me several photos of the pair of them looking washed out and miserable but this one made me giggle....I hasten to add it wasn't Sam's little face that made me smile but Lexi and the text that came with the pic.

Sam's world ends

Disaster strikes!!!! Sams world has ended! Ted ted got covered in sick!!!! Put him on the fastest wash we've got! However his sister who is better wants to torture him by pointing into washer and telling him its in there! This is going to be along 30 mins!!!!

I know some of you out there will think I'm rather cruel in giggling but I know there will also be others who find it rather funny too.   Poor little man....I do hope he feels much better very quickly.

I also hope Amy's eldest daughter Phoebe feels much better very soon cos guess what?......she has chicken pox [and it didn't help when Louise went running around the house pretending to be a chicken when Amy told them what it was !!  :-) ] !!! I'm guessing Louise and Steve will follow on soon too so please send all the get well wishes you can their way........Thanks friends xxxx

Please try to find a picture of something that has made you smile this week to share with us and link it below before you leave me a little comment to say you've called in.


Gill Edwards said...

OOh i dont think ive been first in the list before.
Oh poor things its one thing after another with them, but its what happens with kids isnt it while their immune system is sorting itself out.
i wish all of them a very speedy recovery and their parents some much needed rest.
I hope you dont mind me posting a video rather than a pic this week but im hoping it will make a lot of people smile.

have a good week

Gill x

Di said...

Oh Annie - that picture speaks a thousand words, poor Sam! Many thanks for featuring Misty and her sauna this week :)

Hugs, Di xx

JoZart Designs said...

There is definitely an aaawwwwwhhh there too but I have to admit that Iaughed too! Now you can see why we needed another Baxter bear (that Twiglet helped to find) for the little fraulein! By the way... tell him Ted has gone to the water park!
Jo x

Helen said...

oh bless them!! hope they all recover soon. happy smiley Friday....

Hettie said...

Poor Sam. I feel his pain! I am still traumatised at the thought of when my Mum washed my teddies and hung them on the washing line by their ears! Cruel Mum!

Angie said...

The minute I saw that face I knew teddy was in the machine....Bless.
The text was brilliant ...I gigled too.
I do hope everyone is back to normal soon ....sick bugs suck.xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

That was not just a smile, but a big "aaarrhhh" too. That picture told such a story. I hope Ted Ted is now reunited with Sam, and everyone is feeling much better/ xx Maggie

Twiglet said...

Bless him! Hope they are all better soon. x Jo

Caro said...

Oh poor Sam! We have had similar trauma here before now. The text and lexi did make me smile. I hope Ted ted and Sam are fully recovered from the trauma. Caro xx

Elizabeth said...

Awwwwwww, poor Sam, he looks totally devastated and his sister Lexi is being a typical sister - I did laugh at what she was doing. I hope all your grandchildren make a very quick recovery from all the ailments they are picking - just like children do. Elizabeth xx

Angela Toucan said...

oh bless.

Di said...

Livi came to join in the smiles today! Hugs, Di xx

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear... poor little man, it brought back memories of my son and his heffalump... and him sitting in front of the washing machine waiting for his friend to come out again!!

Carol said...

Oh what a sad little face, hope Ted made a very quick return
Carol xx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a great start to my morning! I have to admit to giggling too as this nanny has had to be that cruel in the past. We have had the dreaded sick bug and can so sympathise. Our littlest grandson spent his time just repeating Oh no nanny, oh no nanny every time he was sick. Talk about pull your heart strings! Hope they are all well soon, including teddy.