Friday, 1 March 2013

This weeks smiles....week 7

I was so thrilled to see several new folk joining in the fun this week so a big welcome to you all and thank you for joining in the fun.  There were so many fab smiles being shared by you all.

I am featuring Julia's blog this week.  She is being super organised and is winding her ribbons onto dolly pegs.....well that is the plan.  :-)  I really do feel she needs to add little faces to the pegs to give them characters...what do you think?

My happy pics this week were taken last week cos this week my little munchkins don't have a lot to smile about as they have chicken pox for the second time in just a month!!!! ....

A collage of a fun day when the twins joined their cousins for a lunch date.  They all love playing together so much.  Click on the pic if you want a closer peep......and of course while the twins were with their cousins they probably shared more with them than they knew at the time!!!

This is a snap of the twins using their new table and chairs.
Mummy being a teacher......lesson one was drawing, closely followed by jigsaws and house building with their duplo  :-)  They are growing up so quickly.

Hope you have enjoyed my smiley pics for this week and will snap a few of your own to join in the fun.  Just put them on your blog any time during the week and link up here so they can be shared.


Cardarian said...

Lovely photos of your grand children - I bet they can always put a smile on your face - they certainly did on mine!
Lots of hugs,

fairy thoughts said...

great photos..
my I am never first but i am off out for the day in a minute so had to be early or not at all
have a good day

Gill Edwards said...

nice to see them having such fun, i hope they are on the mend real soon. Cant believe its week 7 already.
Have a fab week

Gill x

Angie said...

Sorry I have missed a few weeks but here I am ....Hope the twins are on the mend ...I love the gathering of the G Kids cute ...great they all get on xx

Carol said...

Lovely, the children look to be having a good time.
Carol xx

Twiglet said...

Hope they are all well and smiling again soon! x Jo

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, lovely photos of your grandchildren. Chicken pox twice is simply not fair! Hope they are fit and well again soon. Elizabeth xx

Hettie said...

A lovely array of pics there Annie.
Doing what I was told!!
Do you think I could pull up a chair and join in the drawing? More fun than my day!

Caro said...

Gorgeous photos, but your poor little mites, having it nasty. Thanks for hosting our weekly smiles!

akilli melek said...

those photos are lovely.hope they get back to health soon.

Angela Toucan said...

cute ladybird den.

JoZart Designs said...

Well I do insist and it's better to have your colour choice than Hobson's choice! Tee hee!
jo x