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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Anyone interested in knitting machine?...

not a pic of my wool but you get the idea.  :-)

I have a brother knitting machine and ribber with several bin bags full of cones of wool.  Is there anyone out there that could use it?  I used to knit my children jumpers with it when they were little and designed all sorts to go on the fronts of them.  I neither have the time or space to use it now.  It is too good to throw away and they go for next to nothing on ebay.  It would be nice to think that someone would make good use of it all even if only to knit up the wool for use by a charity.

Please leave me a comment here or email me if you have any ideas.


mamapez5 said...

I have just been offered a similar machine but I am not interested in it. I did accept the wool, about five huge cartons of it. It is very fine, but a friend is working through it all, balling it up in three strands of mixed colours, ready to be knitted up for my Africa charity. If all else fails, offer it to Brian Hatton, head of Greenfields Africa. He lives in Market Drayton, so not far from you, and he has folk who would use it. I can give you his contact details if you pm me. Kate x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, in another life I was a machine knitter and knitwear designer - loved my Brother knitting machine too - but gave up on medical advice due to arthritis. The arthritis is still with me but I donated my machine, and also my late mother's, to a local machine-knitting club - they were delighted. Perhaps there's a group/club of dedicated knitters in your area who would be happy to take the machine of your hands. Or how about the local art college - they often have a textile department with budding designers - I've seen some amazing fabrics made by students using knitting machines. Hope these ideas help and you find a worthy cause to pass the machine on to. Elizabeth xx

mckinkle said...

Hi Annie,

Does it come with instructions (or do you think they'd be available online?).
Its something Ive always wanted to do and would be really interested but it will depend on the cost etc.
Let me know,
Keryn x

SueH said...

Sell it on ebay Annie.
I sold mine last year and despite it being more that twenty years old and very well used, I sold it for quite a bit more than I brought it for.

Happy Crafting!

Twiglet said...

Some good ideas there Annie! x Jo

Sue Pinner said...

Good luck selling the knitting machine...fond memories of my old knitting machine 40 years ago..oh! help that long ago lol
Hugs xx

mckinkle said...

Have seen lots selling really well on ebay so why not give it a shot there? You can always put a reserve on it if you dont want it to go for peanuts.
Good luck with it!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

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