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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter....and this time it's not the feet of little ones ....It's the rain on the window!!!  When will it ever stop?  I knew the garden was crying out for the rain but even that is now needing a rest.....I have a feeling the seeds we planted will be coming up further down stream.  :-)

So? what have I been up to this week I hear you ask?

I bought one of these...Isn't it funny that this cold, wet weather makes you think of nice warming casseroles instead of salads?....and what came out of it was simply wonderful.

I bought a bag of this....who could resist that face eh? The resulting bread was really yummy too  :-)

This wool arrived through the post...Donated for the fish and chip babies from my wonderful craft supplier Cari Crafts......many thanks to them for supporting the great cause.

And so far I've done this with it  :-)

If you would like to get involved with knitting for this great cause then please follow this link and have a go.  If you can't knit then please just give it a heads up on your blog to encourage others that can.

Saturday I had a call for a puppet to be used for a teaching job interview on Monday for our son's girlfriend Gina.  Jo and I were having fun time together while the men went to see Shrewsbury play footy......AND they won and are now going up to Division one  Wahooooooooooo.

Back to the puppet!  I had a Mrs Oakley the farmer's wife puppet in stock so we set to to transform her into the Queen.  Off came the mop cap she was wearing and I made her a crown with grey hair attached while Jo made her sparkly cape.  What a fun hour we had.

Alas, although her interview went really well, the job was given to a much more experienced teacher.  It was brilliant experience though and she will now go to her next interview with more confidence....and that one is this morning!!!!  Please wish her luck.

If any of you saw my post yesterday you will see that Louise over at Sew Scrumptious  is asking for 50 pairs of shorts for little boys to go out with the next parcel of little girl's dresses that are going out to Uganda so please....if you can sew would you follow the link and run her up a quick pair. If you are able to join in and make her a pair [or two] then please follow this link to see how....they are simply made but I'm sure they will do the job nicely.  If you scroll down you will see the pic of the 5 pairs I made yesterday  :-)

Thanks for calling by today.  Please leave me a little hello comment before rushing off to join in the WOYWW fun over at Julia's blog.


Di said...

Hi Annie - as always, so much going on my head is spinning. But,no chance of grass growing under your feet - even if the seeds do all sprout downstream - I did laugh at that, sorry :)

Happy WOYWW, hugs,
Di #49

Karen said...

I hope you enjoy your slo-cooker, I use mine a lot and love it! A fab post with lots of interesting projects going on :)

Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

Twiglet said...

I think the queen has spotted your James Martin pic by the look on her face!! Don't forget L's address for me please. x Jo

Chrissie said...

Hi Annie, I had heard about the fish and chip babies but hadn't quite got to the bottom of what it was all about... I'll have to see if I have any odd scraps of wool left... I know lots went to the charity shop after the clear out we had when having the loft re-insulated!!
Have a great week.
Enjoy those grandkids this weekend.

Carmen said...

Is that a slow cooker? I keep hearing good things about those. Hmm.

Am all hairbrushed and minty freshed breath now, all presantable(ish) and correct to arrive at your blog :D

Good luck and fingers crossed for Gina x

lisa said...

I can smell that bread, Annie. Pass the butter please!!
You always have so much going on. I shall keep everything crossed for Gina. It's a hard profession to get into these days it seems. I know at my daughter's school there were over 200 applicants for the last teachers job, crazy!!!!!
Hugs Lisax #79

Spyder said...

Hello!! Yes, the cat that isin't ours is getting sooo much attention, Debs is even sending us text messages and photo's!!! We have to dog sit when we get back...two very "Yipppeee it's Lyn lets go out and get very muddy Airedales!!) Sunny here!! In the middle of a field, on the dongle, so not much Internet time, whizzing round as fast as I can!
((Lyn)) #47

Queen Of Toys said...

Isn't it funny the cold weather brings out the old slow cookers, I got mine out today too.

Love the little puppet, you must be a fast knitter.

Eliza #19

Kate said...

The puppet is great, hope the interview goes well.

** Kate **

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh lots going on here - that casserole looks scrummy. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 29

April said...

oooh that bread looks scrummy! Loving the knitting. Good luck to your son's girlfriend for this morning! hope this one is the one! x April #85

sandra de said...

Ohh how delicious a slow cooked meal with yummy bread. Your sewing creations are always such fun. You always brighten up my day with the fun dolls and puppets. Sandra @96

Lavinia said...

OOOooo yum, slow cooker love em! I have been the same on the food front, hot & hearty too! Not lots of rain but lots of Gray & cold & wind here! Cute knitting for a good cause too. I will mention it in my next post & sort a link out! Have a good week!

Victoria said...

cool puppet
thank you for the peep around your crafting area this week
Vicky #107
ps could you let me know if you visit, I have visited you as I always visit (if possible) back everyone whom visits me.
pps my candy is still open, 2 saturated canary digi's of your choice.

Helen said...

We are dry here today, so far (and it was even dry from mid-morning yesterday!) but not for long I hear... Love your latest fish and chip knits!! Have a good day. Helen 7

Lisa Richards said...

Is that stew in your crockpot? Looks yummy and will be scrumptious with the bread!
Love the charity work you're doing! I'm not good at sewing or knitting, but I hope many will join you in this good work!
Hoping the job interview goes well and that your seeds stay in place!
Happy WOYWW!
Lisa #120

famfa said...

Stew looks great as does the bread. You are such a kind and giving person. Truly inspirational. I will start knitting now I have been prompted again. X
Famfa 116

Redanne said...

Firstly, good luck to Gina. Love that slo-cooker and just right for the current cold wave.....love that puppet!. Anne #44

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks for visiting me already today! I will have to check out the knitting since I'm done with the baby blankets --- although can you tell that I'm not very adventurous when it comes to knitting. Please email your mailing address - at the very least I can send you some lovely yarn!

Interviews are always tough. I'm glad that she did well at it and that always does boost your confidence for the next time. The puppet looks very cute!!!


Pam said...

I really dont know how you fit it all in. Hugs Pam x

Create With Joy said...

What a delightful post! The slow cooker really warmed my heart (no pun intended) - but I truly loved that puppet!

Happy WOYWW to you!

Ramona :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to admit, Annie, these look suspiciously like WINTER crafts, right down to the homemade bread and the slow cooker. Happy WOYWW from #4 this week.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

How many job interviews do you get to bring a puppet to?! And quite a brilliant looking puppet, too, I might add. I've got my plate ready for some stew and bread, please. It looks so good. I scrolled down to see the shorts and they are very nice; that pattern for them is great.

Marnie said...

I think I have the same slow cooker! You are going to love it can't wait to hear about what you make.

May said...

You busy girl, love the puppet... I fancy some bread now!!! and the slow cooker looks full of yummy food!!! enjoy!! Hugs May x x #32

Anne said...

Hello Annie how do you manage to fit in so much? I have started my knitting for the fish and chip babies and have encouraged my knitting group to join in. I agree that it's beeen just the weather for lovely slow cooker casseroles. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

Samantha Elliott said...

Wow Honey. You are a busy Bunny. As for your seeds, I am a little concerned that my spuds will come out ready mashed! Or mouldy! Yuk! Think my carrots have been washed away :-( Hey ho. Maybe we will have a late summer like 89! that was a fab year !!

Hazel said...

The puppet is fab, so is the knitting. I've recently been thinking of getting a slow cooker - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #10 x

Ann B said...

Didn't get round to any desks yesterday as I was out, gallivanting, so catching up a bit this morning.

So much looking good on your desk this week, from scrumptious casseroles to that cute doll. I made a fish and chip jumper last week and have just started a hat.

Thanks for calling by yesterday - much appreciated.
Ann B

JoZart said...

Great to see all your latest makes and loving and giving! Well done to you and Jo too.
Lv JoZarty x

okienurse said...

thinking on your feet! Love the puppet! I prolly would have bought the bread mix for the face also! Glad it tasted nice. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog I enjoy reading them. Have a great week. Vickie #91

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Had to stop by and see the twins..and I got a lovely puppet!! Did go to another post and have seen how they are growing...you'r so fortunate to have them close by.
I'm in the wee hrs, catching up, between storms..eating warm meals here too, it turned cool also.Have a sunny weekend.

mckinkle said...

Super post, as always Annie! Lovely news and super photos, my only complaint was wheres the photo of what came out of the slow cooker?! lol!

Keryn x

Pearly Queen said...

Hey, I just bought the same bread mix yesterday, though ma different 'flavour' I think. That's pretty good for France!

Neet said...

What a lot of different things this week - thanks for sharing so much.
Sorry I am so late, life just got in the way - thanks for visiting me - Hugs, Neet xx #27

MaggieC said...

Hope your son's girlfriend is having better luck now with her job hunt. Although I am sorry she did not get that job, it is encouraging that jobs are still being given to those with experience, rather than just going for the cheaper option. I am sure your bread was as delicious as it looks. We have not bought bread for over 6 months now, making our own fresh and without additives, and feel much better for it, and the taste is so much better too. Thank you for your visit this week. We do need some sun now and a rise in temperature - it is freezing down here. Have a good week. xx Maggie #93

Kezzy said...

Ahhhhh the babies painting, so cute, and of course the taste is the most important part yuk lol. Yummy stew and fresh bread, when can I come for tea!!! I have to admit this rain is awful, mind you today is not too bad. I so wish I could sew, but I'm afraid my sister got that part, she used to own a shop over in Ireland doing what your doing, but when she moved over here she wanted to do something different so she now runs her own Nursery. She runs a drama group for kids and does costumes, but get here to make or repair anything else your waiting for a few years as she is so busy. I'm hoping she will spend some time with me before 7th June as I go to artsycrafts and on the Friday it's sewing a book, lots of fabric, sewing and stamping. I'm taking my sewing machine but I don't now how to use the stitches, not sure what I have got and what I haven't lol. I also wanted to know, I would love to send you an ATC as well for the woyww birthday, I might even do a bit of sewing on it!!!!, you were my first so I thought it would be nice. If you don't want one, don't worry I won't be offended. Happy woyww, late again :-) Kezzy xxx