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Friday, 4 May 2012

Hand painting......

It never fails to intrigue me just how different our twin Grandbabies are.  Is it anything to do with one being a girl and the other a boy?  They explore their world in very different ways.  Lexi carefully picks things up, turns them over and is very dexterous with all her toys.  She is intrigued with all little things like your buttons or your necklace.  Sam tends to bash and bang his toys to see if they will make a noise or move.

A hand painting session with their mum was no different.

Lexi was happy to squidge it through her fingers and make patterns with it.

Sam was happiest when he could make it splash by banging his hands down into it.

And of course one of them just had to taste it!  Oops.
Lexi looks pretty proud of herself too don't you think?

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I hope my pics have made you smile today and you all have a great weekend.
Annie x


Di said...

Oh Annie, how funny!! Bless their little hearts, and Lexi does look very pleased with herself :)

Confession here too - I usually make a stir fry by chucking prawns into a wok, then a pack of stir fry veg and then ready made sauce too. But, this was totally scrummy and truly worth a little bit of extra effort now and then - and I made it after doing the supermarket run :)

Have a super weekend too Annie!

Hugs, Di xx

Twiglet said...

Fab photos - enjoy your day! x Jo

mckinkle said...

Gorgeous photos Annie! Who could not have their heart happy after seeing these?!

Have a super weekend,
Keryn x

Carmen said...

Aw. So big already aren't they? Smiling away this side of the screen :)

Helen said...

Oh my, like Carmen says - don't they grow fast!! I love these photos - I am sure it is with one being a boy and one a girl - lovely to see their different personalities coming along so early! Have a wonderful weekend.

Jan said...

They are sweet! It's so much fun to watch their peronalities develop. I love seeing photos of them-makes me look forward even more to our next grandbaby due in August!

famfa said...

Big smiles from me. Lovely to see them crafting at such an early age x

Neet said...

Gorgeous!" What a smile!
Hugs, Neet xx

JoZart said...

It's so good that they do have their own characters and personalities but they a BOTH soooooo cute and adorable!! Thanks for the smile!
Jo x

Cardarian said...

Love the photos - kids are sooo cute - Lexi with green mouth - really funny! Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog - so busy lately I just can't get up to much blog hoping!
Lots of hugs,

Mrs A. said...

They are growing up so fast. Glad to see them enjoying life to the full. Hugs Mrs A.

Miriam said...

Lots of fabulous stuff going on - love your cushions. Your munchkins are grogeous!