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Friday, 25 May 2012

Well? Did you see us?.....

Do you remember back in Feb my darling hubby and I went to see the show Pointless?  Well, when we were there we were told that hopefully it would be on the telly some time in April.  Since then we have had the programme on record and watched each one closely waiting for the big day.  We knew it was the 300th and 301st shows we had been in the audience for because we had been there for the celebrations.....we had a slice of the cake!!!

Those that watch the programme will know that it was the 300th show last night and wahooooo we were there in the telly  :-)  Did you see us?  Would you know if you had?  For those that missed the show last night don't forget 301 is on the telly tonight....BBC1 at 5.15

Don't get too excited though cos we are just nicely tucked away at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and you may only see the back of our heads!!.....I didn't realise just how grey my hair was at the back  :-)....guess I never normally see it from that angle. hehehe!!
I have managed to take a pic of us on the lap top for you  :-)....please click on pic to get a better look!!

I think I will draw a smiley face on the back of my hubby's bald head for the next time we go  :-) :-)


Di said...

So funny Annie! Poor hubby. I normally watch Pointless and will make sure I see it tonight, was busy with other things last night - ain't that always the way :(

Hot innit?!

Love, Di xx

Pearly Queen said...

They are so cute! (The twins, not those two people in the TV show audience). They look so alike too!

Sarah said...

Fame at last!!! Just looking at all the posts and amazed at how fast the little ones are growing - have got that all to come yet....
All is very well here and just getting on with lots of stuff as you do. Hoping for a bit longer yet and staying put in the shade! Thanks so much for calling by - enjoy the weekend! Sarah.

Karen said...

I love that show and am envious you got to go. I would need to be gagged as I would want to shout out the answers, well the ones I knew anyway hahahaha x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

The last time I got my hair cut I asked if I should get some highlights and my hairdresser (who I've been going to for years) said Kay, it's time for you to color your hair! heee

If being on t.v. is on your bucket list you can cross that one off!


PS The smiley face is a brilliant idea! ;-)

JoZart said...

How exciting but why didn't you wave to us!!??
Lv Jo x

Samantha Elliott said...

ROFPML!!! Be sure to use a Sharpie pen!! LOL!

Carol said...

Saw the show but missed you. Isn't Richard tall? I knew he was but when he stood by Alex he looked like a giant. Very envious. Carol xx