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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Happy 3rd Birthday to you all and especially to our wonderful organiser, and super glue that holds us all together, the one and only, Julia.  What a wonderful 3 years it's been too.  Thank you Julia for all your hard work.

My show and tell today is of all the ATCs I've been making to celebrate.  I shall be posting one to the pass it forward WOYWWer and if you would like to swap with me but haven't emailed me your details please email me your address to wipso@toucansurf.com and I will get one off in the post to you.  I've made some really wonderful blogging friends over the last 3 years.

Some little daisies dumfed on blue backgrounds.  For those that still don't know what we mean by dumfing please check out the link in the right side bar.

4 little ATCs using ribbons, lace trims, machine embroidery and tiny buttons.

9 ATCs made from little dumfed pics with fabric flowers and most are beaded too.

These two are dumfed pics with poppies....those that have known me a while will know poppies are one of my favourites.  I've hand embroidered details on these and added little black beads.

I've really enjoyed being creative and think I'm now hooked on making ATCs so thanks to Julia for suggesting it as our birthday celebration gift.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of the birthday celebrations.  Please leave me a little message before you pop over to Julia's to join in the Wednesday fun and I will do my best to pay you a return visit.
Annie x


Doone said...

ha ha ha - are you my swappsie partner??? well you are onthe list of recipients anyhoo, I will also send one to the person after you on the list just to be sure - YAY chaos reins!!!


Lynn Holland said...

Gosh you've done an impressive amount of work well done.
One I made earlier today

Twiglet said...

Don't they all look gorgeous!! I'll give you one of mine if you give me one of yours! lol Happy 3rd birthday!

Catriona said...

I gave you 2 of mine so hope to have one in return. Lol

Angie said...

Happy 3rd ...how I wish I had joined in and made some ATC ....those are gorgeous ..and the poppies are wonderful ... so envy the recipients.

As for the blankets ...its a utube tutorial ...she uses aran but you could use DK or even lighter if making it for a child.... the original is by Staci Perry ...www.verypink.com and there is a printable pattern too. It is such fun ...especially if you had spare odd yarn of the same weight....all you would need to buy would be the border colour.xx

JoZart said...

Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday! Great to be part of this wonderful fun group and get to know people like you!
I'm drawing from regular visitors for my 15 ATcs so hope you are lucky but I'm not doing one for one swaps. Nonetheless your's are gorgeous especially the poppy ones.You and Jo are so good with felt and fabric.
Have a great Jubilee weekend with your family. Woo hoo! we're off to Brighton , then Germany next week!
Love JoZarty x

Di said...

Me please, me please, me please! I have spares too!

Nothing like as fab as yours but they turned out to be such fun to make!

Love Di xx

Cardarian said...

Hello and happy WOYWW!
Lovely makes on your desk! I will be sending you an ATC if you will kindly send me your address! Oh I just love how this thing connects us all!
Lots of love and hugs
My email: dolores.kerec@gmail.com

Spyder said...

oho Annie your ATC's are fabulous, nothing rubbish about them...there was me trying to be all inky and clever, shoulda suck to what I can do. I'd love one of yours and will send you one of my cartoony ones if you like!
(Lyn) # 100 and something...I was up, didn't really go to bed! but didn't link till just now.

Neet said...

Oh that dumfing puts mine to shame. I need lessons! Love how you have done the flowers, especially my favourite red ones - what is it about those flowers that make us ooh and aah whenever we see them? Wish we had fields of them up north but we don't. I wasn't sure last week if I would have time to do more than one but I have made a few so would love to do a swap with you as you are a regular poster on my blog. If I may?

Hugs, Neet xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy 3rd WOYWW!
I hope you have a lovely time swapping all those fab ATCs - they are beautiful especially the poppy ones. I have a thing about poppies too :D
Thank you for being a constantly positive supporter since my first tentative appearance on WOYWW a year ago. Your lovely comments are very much appreciated...
Hugs, LLJ #77 xx

Kate said...

Happy WOYWW anniversary. The ATcs look wonderful. Looking forward to swapping with you!!!

** Kate **

ScrappnBee said...

Oh, Annie! Those ATCs are beautiful! You have done a great job! Thank you for becoming one of my great cyber friends through this WOYWW experiment! Happy WOYWW Birthday!!! -Amanda x100

sandra de said...

Hello Wipso, you were almost my ATC recipient but due to the wonderful intricacy of woyww it has now gone to Doone. But, I would love to send you another ATC. Please email me your address and I will pop it in the post. My addie desand @optusnet.com.au Your atc's are gorgeous .... dumfin rocks!!

April said...

Wow! how wonderfull are these!!!! love those poppy ones, you have put so much work into them all! Happy WoYwW 3rd Anniversary, and here's to many more :o) x April #95

Angela Coles said...

really gorgeous ATCs.

Many blessings to you, and thank you for becoming my blogging friend through WOYWW

Helen said...

Happy WOYWW, what a hugely impressive pile of ATC's! Have a lovely day. Helen, 8

SueH said...

Happy WOYWW Anniversary Annie!

Wow, you’ve been busy and just look at all those colourful masterpieces, they are amazing.
I didn’t join in because I hadn’t made any myself and know that when I came back last week I wouldn’t have time and didn’t want to put pressure on myself. I would still love on of yours thought and if you don’t mind waiting for something from me I will make something especially.
Have a great week.

Happy Crafting!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Your ATCs are absolutely beautiful. I would love to swap with you if you have any left.
Happy 3rd woyww birthday xx


Wow, these are gorgeous! Lucky is the person that receives them.

May said...

These ATC's are stunning... fabulous creations.... Hugs May x x x#4

Samantha Elliott said...

Happy WOYWW!
What alot of ATCs you made and beautifully done!
Hettie #50

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Dumfed!!!!! That is the word I was trying to think of this morning!!! Sandee in NC mentioned how WOYWW taught her new words (British colloquialisms) and I wanted to remind her of the word dumfed but was stumped to it. I even tried to google it but when you can't remember it to start with...!

I would love to swap ATCs with you if you have any left. I have never held a fabric or dumfed ATC in my life (and how I've gone on this long, I have no idea!?)

My name is Cindy said...

Oh my these are just delish!! I just had to go and check out dumfing (LOL) and adore what you have done. I have made a couple of felted ATCs in this past but nothing as gorgeous as these. Happy WOYWW Cindy #66

Anne said...

Oh my your ATC's are so lovely. I am going to send my address for a swap with you if you still have any.
Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

famfa said...

Wonderful ATC's. Your recipients will be very pleased.

akilli melek said...

love your birthday sign, lol. and those ATCs are just smashing.
little miss A was playing up today so will pop mine in post tomorrow
caroline (akilli melek)

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh these are pure gorgeousness! You are so talented. Should you ever catch up from all your swapping, maybe someday we can swap too!
And you know you have my very fave word from WOYWW! I was so confused about DUMFED hahaha! It makes me laugh everytime I read it! Happy 156th WOYWW!

Di said...

Hi Annie, it's Di again - back for another peek at your ATCs. Little happy skips here that we're swopping :))

Have a lovely day, no rain here yet and the garden is gasping.

Hugs, Di xx

Kate said...

Thank you so much for my beautiful ATCs Annie, they have arrived already! Mine have gone in the post today.

** Kate **

Kezzy said...

Hi Annie, wow I'm sorry I haven't been in touch I have been so busy with accounts it's great to be able to relax now. A huge thank you for your ATC it's gorgeous, I love it, I'm in the middle of doing my ATC's, I haven't still got your address so I was wondering if you could send me it via email (on my profile). You certainly have been busy those ATC's are all stunning, also the fire brigade, shame we didn't see them in uniform lol and your famous, I don't actually watch the program but I loved the pic. Next week is Artsycrafts and at last I get to wear my new tabard. Happy 3rd woyww :-) Hugs Kerry xxx

Polly Polkadot said...

I've just visited Jo's place, and now I see you have a different, but equally beautiful selection. Well done both of you as always.

fairy thoughts said...

These are fab, not sure what dumfed is will check it out, is it like needle felting .I would love to swap with you, so much creative stuff this week.
janet #43

Katie said...

Love all those ATCs! They look fabulous!

Katie (38)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

For someone who had no idea what an ATC was before this started, I would say you did a fantastic job. What a treasure trove. I always enjoy this awesome trip we take each week. Happy day after WOYWW from #2.

BadPenny said...

These are divine ACTs just wonderful x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love your Fab ATC art..just adorable, you sure can create up a storm with those machines. Love them..

Queen Of Toys said...

Ok so I have worked out dumfing and who twiglet is as well. I'm good.. LOL I checked out your fab ATC's such a work of art, really they are. I am sad to say that I even read your post about the fire and zoomed in to see the firemen but alas no behinds to be seen, it is behind the plants. Ah not to bother I see firemen at least 3 times a week and their behinds are really worth looking upon. LOL

Thanks for the post, loved it.
Beautiful G-children too.

Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
Eliza #140

Spyder said...

Annie I have my ATC< it's fabulous!! hope you receive mine soon

JB said...

Hi Annie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and following me. Have sent you an e-mail hun. JB *145

Ali said...

Love your fabric ATCs! :)

Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary!

Ali #86