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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Wow!  That was a short week  :-)

As you will have seen from my previous posts I have been AWOL for a few days but as you will know I couldn't be away without something crafty to do in my spare minutes so I have another couple of little knitties to share with you again today.

 I've knitted this one in double knitting and it's a really lovely soft spotty wool.  I have to admit I much prefer to knit the very tiny knitties in 4 ply now.  I think this one would suit a boy or girl.

This one was knitted in a lovely lemon 4 ply and is def one for a girl.  I really loved knitting this one and am desperate to find more really nice 4 ply wools to knit in.  They are all plain colours and I really love knitting in fleck or random yarns so if you know of any really nice ones please let me know.

I am still playing nursemaid for my eldest daughter.  She went to the Dr's last week and was put off work for a week with her hyperemesis [morning sickness that lasts all day and night!].  She was given little tablets to disolve in her mouth up the side her gum over about 2 hours to help ease the sickness.  She says they taste awful as they disolve but they seem to be helping a little and allowing her to keep a little food down now.  She is still very weak and has no energy so I'm really hoping her Dr puts her off for at least another week to recover properly before going back to school [and, yes, she is a teacher not a pupil  :-) ].  She says to thank you all very much for your suggestions and lovely comments.

I am now going to do my fav job......B******** curtains!  So I will be head down for a while and hope to catch up with as many of you as possible later. 

 Oh yes, and there is the little matter of a rail full of uniform jackets to hand sew badges, ranks and buttons on!  I sew for Shrewsbury school and this is my latest 'little' request.....lots and lots of hand sewing here for me.

Don't forget to pop over to the blog shop and get your name down for the last of the weekly gift draws before the BIG one [there is a set of desk accessories up for grabs today] before popping over to Julia's to join in the WOYWW fun.


Tracey said...

You really never STOP do you?! There is nothing lovlier than a lemon baby knit...xxxxxxxxx

Cheryl said...

oh gosh,love love those wee cardigans,they are gorgeous,just like the ones,my MIL used to knit for my 2,love cherylx

Neet said...

Oh dear that morning sickness sounds horrendous. Poor daughter. Hope things buck up for her soon.
Lovely knitting, as always, and they look so cute being so tiny. Thanks for sharing (and for the sock boy last week)

Hugs #15

KC'sCourt! said...

Morning sickness - I remember that well - horrible!
Lovely cardigans.
All that tough hand sewing - aren't they suppose to sew their own badges on...?
Julie xxxxxxxx

Spyder said...

Oh wow you are super sewer..(that's saw with an er...) the best! Just seen Julia's tidy tray, I need one for my whole room!...no..whole house!! Have a good day...I'm late..my computer is still saying no!

Helen said...

Your poor daughter - glad she seems to be picking up. Love those little woollies!

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw those darling little cardis - love the ballerina style one particularly! I really feel for Wipso Junior, it sure takes all of the fun out being pregnant; I'm with you Annie, she needs to be of work until she's glowing and raring to go.

karen said...

I hope that your daughter will feel better soon and that her dr. keeps her home til she is well!
Those baby sweaters are beautiful and look sooooo soft! Sweet little things!
xoxo Karen #55

Mrs A. said...

For a minute there I thought you had the army camped on your doorstep! Curtains? Yuck! Do hope you haven't got to make them from scratch.

okienurse said...

Love all the baby cardigans you have been making. I don't envy you sewing al the school badges on. Not a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #52

Cardarian said...

Love your little knitties...thank you for all your comments and missing me!!! We all have jobs we don't like and jobs we do - I have a course at 1pm I am not thrilled about! Eh well! I hope your daughter will get better soon!
Lots of hugs

Di said...

Fantastic knitting Wipso! Hope you daughter feels better before too long - lots of TLC needed there. Di x

Kate said...

Like the wrap over stlye cardie. love to your daughter hope she continues improving.

** Kate **

Doone said...

lovely little cardigan,

I'm doing my course through Adult Eduction (local council equal ops) - check out your local offerings they are far better priced (equal ops element) than many art/craft courses done through other organisations...if you ever
move to the peak district we will go together...


Karen said...

I hope your DD starts to feel better very soon :) I love the little matinee jackets, you knit them up so quickly!
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #73

Minxy said...

Gosh you are always on the go, still tis nice to be kept busy {well most of the time!}
Happy Wednesday
hugs Minxy #28

S said...

From sweet kiddie sweaters to camo - you do run the gamut - don't you?

Tina Gilmore said...

Lovely cardi's Annie, sorry can't help with 4 ply wool - always thought 4 ply related to wooden planks (ha! like me! - duh). Hugs to your precious girl, hope she's feeling better soon, morning sickness is the worst! speak to you soon xx

jude said...

Hiya hunni,
Your wee cardigans are gorgeous .So glad your daughter is starting to be able to eat some and drink without well you know what.Hyperemisi is horrible .she really should be signed off for at laset another 2 weeks as hopefully by then it may have passed and she will feel stronger.
Sending big hugs
judex 9

Anonymous said...

Love these teeny tiny knits - they are so cute.
Hope your daughter is feeling a bit better now. Was lucky enough to only have had minimal morning sickness but having it all day must be very debilitating.
No WOYWW for me today as ES has got the camera. so just catching up on RSS feeds

JoZart said...

So cute to see the teeny knitteds! I'll look in Germany next week for some pale 4 ply wool as they usually have lots of fancier wools than us.
JoZarty x
Pic added to my blog taken whilst skyping the little one this am, so take another peep!

Sue said...

Hi hun
phew got on at last roll on next wens when i get cable fitted!!!
aww gorgeous little jackets hun, do hope ya daughter is feeling better soon, still testin! lol, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

SDCrafts said...

I'm sure the GP will realise your daughter needs to feel much stronger to teach - has she got a caring Head? It makes all the difference but going back into your classroom is NOT like returning to many others jobs. Yeah, the pupils have been taught by the Head or a supply but it still takes some getting back into the swing of things so insist she insists on another few days off at least! Can you tell I was a teacher?

Shirl #38

Julie M said...

Gorgeous cardies, Annie - I love the lemon especially. Hope the morning sickness eases soon, but chances are it'll stay for a while yet :(

Julie #144

The Crafty Elf said...

Hope your daughter is better soon...nothing worse! You've got a lot going on and those sweaters are wonderful.

Dragon said...

Beautiful knitting... I can but so so well as this... And I don't have the patience!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Eeeek to the uniforms, even bigger eeeeek to the curtains and a humungous EEEEEK to the morning sickness that lasts all day and night, your poor daughter, she must be like a wet rag, hope the tablets settle it for her. Annette #5

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh my, you are such a fast worker to have finished knitting two of these cuties in a few days! they are lovely!

Marjo said...

Beautiful clothing! Thanks for the the view and sharing, hugs Marjo#10

Anonymous said...

Knitting or crochet with varigated or flecked yarn makes me crazy! There is always one spot, totally unpredicted, that has a clump of flecks, or a blotch of one colour, and that drives me MAD. I' been know to, quite often, rip back and break the yarn then re-attack at a different point to solve the problem. From the mess of my WOYWW you would never guess such random chaos would bug me quite so much - but yours are lovely, esp the little wrap-tied lemon one...like lemon sherbert!

Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

these knits are fabulous! Keep up the good work!

Ali x #88

sandra de said...

such sweet little cardies and it looks like your work is never done. A sign of a good business i think. Lovely that you drop by even when busy, thank you.

MaggieC said...

Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic life to visit my blog and leave a message. I don't know how you fit everything in, but they say you should always ask a busy person to do something. Those cardis are lovely, but I really have no idea where to go for wools these days. The shop I bought the 3 ply for the shawl has since closed down. You could have a look at Create and Craft as they are doing so much on knitting these days, and the demonstrator, Hayley, has her own shop called Little Lou's in Redditch. she used to have a website, but the link no longer works although the shop is still there.

Hope your daughter soon feels a lot better. I quite agree with Shirl. As another former teacher, she needs to be fully recovered and full of energy before she thinks of going back to work.

oneoff said...

Such sweet little cardis. Hope your daughter feels better soon, and that the pills do their job.


Jenevieve said...

Lovely cardigans, I especially like the wrapover one!
Hope your daughter is back to normal soon and gets signed off from work a bit longer to gain her strength back.
Have fun sewing! :) x

lisa said...

It seems ages since I came by your lovely blog, far too long by the looks of all the lovely things I've been missing.
I hope you're daughter starts to feel a bit better soon, there can't be anything worse.
Your little knits are gorgeous, is there anything you can't do!! lol.
I've just been admiring all the things you've been making for your shop. Some gorgeous stuff by the way. Your desk tidy is just like one I brought back from a holiday in Austria. They use them for bread rolls but they're not wipeable, yours are great!! I wish you loads of success with it all.
Hugs Lisa #126

Sherry Edwards said...

Your really are a busy bee - but a super talented one at that! Love the little lemon knitted item, so pretty.

I hope your daughter recovers soon, she's lucky to have you looking after her.

Thanks for your visit to my desk earlier.

Sherry (158)

Anonymous said...

Your baby sweaters are precious! Congrats to your daughter on becoming a new mama, I hope she feels better soon. Morning sickness is certainly no fun. Kudos to you for sewing on all those uniforms! Thanks for stopping by my desk. Hugs~#19 Rhonda

Sam said...

Nice to hear your daughter is managing some food and so glad you clarified why she goes to school! LOL! Love the sweaters.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Never experienced morning sickness but it sounds awful! Said a prayer for your daughter and her baby. Hope she'll be able to eat well soon. Patsy from

The Paper Princess said...

Your cardigans are lovely! I sure hope your daughter feels better soon!


SueH said...

I just knew your empty rail last week wouldn’t stay that way for long!

Bet you could do without all that while you’re still looking after your daughter. Thought she might have been over the worst by now but obviously not. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

Love the cute knitting, I haven't done any of that for years. I used to do it while watching the TV of an evening but now I cross stitch.

Thanks for stopping by this week and leaving me a message.
Have a great crafting week!

Shari said...

I just love your precious little cardigans. So cute and they look so soft, makes me wish I wore a size "newborn". TFS!
~Shari (no # this week)

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem said...

Thanks for stopping by Thursday! Love those little cardies...I'm not a knitter, but would love to be. Too many wonderful crafts, not enough time!

Have a great weekend!

Angi (#84)

Maggie's Crafts said...

Lovely cardies.:)

Thank you for sharing. :)

Want to know more about shrink plastic? Pop over to my blog to see shrink plastic tutorial.:) http://maggiescraft.blogspot.com/


Vicki B in OP NY said...

Sweet little cardis. Uniform jackets and more. You just keep going! Hope the curtain saga went well.
Vicki 171 A little inkling

Alicia.R. said...

Hi Wipso
Such lovely little knitted cardis. I understand the uniform sewing thing too, I topped-up our Military income sewing and mending uniforms before we had kids and retired to a busier life.
Take care
Alicia.R. (61)

Tertia said...

Hope DD feels better very soon!
You are a busy lady, I hand sewed my own children's badges and that was quite enough for me! People don't realise what a big job these 'little' things are do they?

Nicky said...

Lovely little cargdis - hope your daughter starting to feel better - I was really ill with my son and found that once i gave into my cravings it helps ease the sickness even thought they were for food I hated and still hate now lol - Happy Belated WOYWW - Nicky

Morti said...

A very busy workspace as always for you! Thanks for stopping by....

Anonymous said...

You've reminded me how much I hate sewing on buttons. I love crafting with them, but only when I can use glue!

Hope you got everything done that needed doing.

cheers, rachel #70

Holly said...

That is a busy, busy crafty space you got going on... I love the knitties you've been making they are all adorable! I hope your daughter is feeling better this week. I had that same sickness with my first pregnancy not fun at all.. Mine lasted until I was 6 months.. It was a long sick months. I'm late making my rounds from last week. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my desk.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my I am late...almost time for this week! Those baby sweaters are so very precious! Here's hoping your daughter is doing better each day