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Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Friday to one and all....

Just a quickie to say thank you to all those lovely bloggers who left kind comments on my WOYWW post.  As you all know my days are always full of all sorts ...

Now today is one of those days....
  • I have started off with a medical for me for an insurance [I passed.... all ok]
  • Twiglet has just text to say she is on her way
  • Eldest daughter is coming for a day's nurturing
  • Two special little girls are coming for their mummy to go for her antenatal booking appointment etc
  • I'm still open for business with the sewing [just hope I don't get too many customers today!]
I also hope to fit in some knitting, some cooking of meals, [have already hoovered the house!] and would really like to watch the red nose telly tonight.

Can you please remind me......

How many hours are there in the day?

What I would like to share with you is what my daughter has been doing while resting on the settee.....

She has been knitting booties....but as you can see she has only knit one of each so far and one was knit in double knitting and the other in 4 ply :-)  I think she may need to knit a few more for her twins don't you?

Now folks don't forget to pop over to the shop and put your name down to be in with a chance to win the set of desk accessories that's up for grabs this week.  Good luck.


Tina Gilmore said...

All i can say Annie is there aren't enough hours in the day for anything. Jealous of daughter having a nurturing day (I could do with one of those). Mine is coming here in an hour and she's unwell with a cold, so will be nuturing her, which will be nice enough. Booties are lovely, give Jo a hug, she's been a sweetheart. Speak to you soon

Di said...

Talk about Superwoman!! I agree, the booties are scrummy - make sure you do garb some rest for yourself Annie!

BTW, my PIF finally arrived in Miami - will do a blog post showing wot I made sometime this weekend. Am still stroking my poppies here :) Hugs. Di x

Di said...

Garb?! Nope, should have said grab!! Di x

mckinkle said...

What a super catch up Ive had Annie, your weekend away sounded brilliant other than the boys' footie result
I hope your daughter manages to get a bit more time off so she can deal with her morning sickness (sips of diet Cream Soda always calms an uneasy tummy might be worth a try?! - bet youve had some wonderful suggestions too!)
I love the boottees, did smile at the fact shes only managed one of each so far! Its so lovely to know that she likes the traditional beautiful baby knits too, its a fast dying traditional too which is a crying shame.

What a busy day you are having today so I wont keep you any longer!
I'll think of you when Im watching Comic Relief tonight!

Have a fab weekend!
Keryn x

ps I havent forgotten!

Anonymous said...

No , by my reckoning there are another 6 boottees to knit if your daughter wants both babies to be shod - in fact if they're to be small ones there are a few more than that to do. Hope shes feeling a little better and you have had a good day nuturing and playing.
Have a good weekend
x Tricia

Jensters said...

I really wish there was 48 hours in a day...lol....Those booties are so cute....i love babies x

Tracey said...

So, your daughter has your talent for knitting, how wonderful! Are you going to sit down this weekend??? xxx

Julia said...

24 hours can often feel like only 10 - especially when there's so much to cram in! Sounds like you have a nice time planned and Im loving those tiny wee booties...so very cute and reminding me of when my own girl used to wear such little shoes!

Love Julia x

Macpurp said...

busy busy! and how sweet are those wee booties!
love teen x

MaggieC said...

Flat cola is another wonderful remedy for sickness - you must leave the top off and allow it to lose ALL its fizz before drinking it. You are having a busy time of it. (I did request an extension of daylight hours and more days in the week some time ago.) Make sure you find some time for yourself. You deserve it.