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Monday, 14 March 2011

Happy Monday to all.....

Good morning to all my blogging friends.  I have been absent without leave for a few days.  I am guilty of having taken time out for fun and laughter since Friday morning.  My darling hubby and I took Twiglet and her hubby to Torquay for the weekend.  

Our local football team were playing down there so we planned the weekend so the men could go to the footy.....the plan was for them to watch them win but alas they were slaughtered!!!!  a 5 - 0 result to Torquay was not what they were hoping for  :-(

Twiglet and I went on a girls adventure and went to see a wonderful sewing exhibition in a National trust house at Coleton Fishacre so our afternoon was rather better spent  :-)  We then picked up the disappointed men dashed back to our hotel to wash and change then, after a quick tea, we went to the theatre in Paignton to see Joey the lips.  They are advertised as 'the funkiest 10 piece band' and were really brilliant.  A good night was had by all.

We travelled back via the stunning Chedder Gorge so all in all we had a really lovely weekend away and didn't need to wear coats once all weekend  :-)

Now folks don't forget to pop over to the shop to see who has won the crafter's bag and put your name down for the last of the weekly draws before the BIG one  :-)


Julia Dunnit said...

Sounds fab to me, how fun. And the weather - a real bonus and pick me up! I've had 48 hours off the computer - it nearly killed me!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend - lucky you with the weather as well.
When in town on Saturday went past a little wool shop and they had a pattern for dolls clothes in DK which said also suitable for prem babies. Took the number for you which is PBN C 2028. I think it may be a Patons one but forgot to write that bit down. Hope this is helpfull.
x Tricia

Karen said...

Oh Coleton Fishacre is such a pretty house isn't it? I have been there a couple of times & I have family in Cheddar....So I can imagine just how lovely your weekend was with the added bonus of the weather. HUGS XXX

JoZart said...

That really sounds like my kind of weekend away. So glad you enjoyed it and seemed like you packed so much in too!
Jo x

Susan Allan said...

Sounds like the sort of week end you should do more often. I would have loved the exhibition too.
Sue xx

Angie said...

What an amazing weekend ...that band sounds good ...I love live music ...sorry the team lost so comprhensively xx

Tracey said...

Sounds perfect! xxxxxxxxxxx

Suz said...

Hi just trying to do some catch ups...looks like you all had a great weekend
Hugs Suz x