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Friday, 25 March 2011


I've just looked out of my sewing room window and snapped this lovely pic.  My magnolia is now in full bloom and smells divine and even my beautiful pair of collared doves are enjoying the gorgeous sunshine today.  Doesn't it make you feel better? ....well it does if you're not still suffering big time from pregnancy related sickness....really hope it stops very soon M [keep taking the tablets and nibbling all you can].

Now folks it's time to pop over to our blog shop because this week Twiglet and I have launched the BIG followers celebration draw.  It will be running til April 4th so make sure you get over there asap to get your name down and join in the fun.


Di said...

Gorgeous piccie! We too have a pair of collared doves here - how pretty and gentle they are. Hope M feels better soon. Di x

mckinkle said...

Super photo Annie, its a perfect little snapshot of Spring!

I agree, this weeks weather has really perked me up!

Keryn x

ps, cant believe I have beaten Jo to comment though, have you tied her up or something?! :o

Twiglet said...

Hi Annie and Keryn!!!!
Bit slow off the mark today - got touch of migraine - think its the bright sunshine - we are just not used to it. Will go and shut my eyes for ten minutes!! Fab photo.

mashy20 said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Love the Magnolia and it does smell nice! I had a pair of rustling blackbirds in my bushes yesterday! Not to sure what they were up to!hehehe! Lvoe the sunshine and hope I can get back to feeling better soon! It feels like an 8 week hangover but without the drinking! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the magnolia. I had never really come across them before I moved to Suffolk from Yorkshire but they grow in abundance here - we haven't got one as we are in a bit of a frost pocket . Have just added you giveaway to a blog post.
Happy weekend to you
x Tricia

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely - to glance up and see sunshine and Magnolia, gorgeous. Your poor poor daughter, I have a friend who suffered something called 'fatty liver syndrome' which they only discovered because of her awful pregnancy sickness, so I understand how awful M must be feeling, it's just exhausting.

Tracey said...

Oh. bless her, is she still suffering? Aren't there any old wifes remedies on t'internet she could use? xxxxxxxxxx

Susan Allan said...

That Magnolia is FABULOUS. I wanted one just like it. Is it called 'Susan' by any chance.

Thanks for the gorgeous picture. (I can smell it)
Sue xxx

Macpurp said...

what a lovely spring pic

love teen x

Suz said...

Hi almost bought a Magnolia yesterday....easy to grow?
Not sure l'll be going outside yet a while its sooo cold this morning
Have a good weekend hope the sickness goes soon
Hugs x

Toucan Scraps said...

your garden looks beautiful