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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Thank you to Lynn....

On my return from the weekend away there was a special envelope to open.

Lynn from Crafty Linby had been thinking of us when out and about and had found a brilliant magnet for Twiglet and I to focus on in the sewing room.

It's now taken pride of place on the front of my industrial sewing machine cos this is the one that does all the hard work [with my help of course!].

She had not only sent us the magnet but also had put it in a really special card.  So I want to say a huge 'Thank you' to you Lynn.  It was really lovely of you to think of us.  Hugs, A & J x

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Twiglet said...

What lovely blogging friends we have - I know we both feel blessed. Thanks lots Linby and yes we will - "Keep calm and sew on!"

Gez said...

BRILLIANT magnet. It's perfect. Great card too.
Thank You for your sweet comment this morning..it's cheered me up no end!
Hugs, Gez.xxxx

Karen said...

Awewhat a lovely surprise waiting for you both! Brilliant magnet...must look out for one of those :-D xxx

Di said...

How lovely! You can't help but smile and soldier on can you :) Di x

Pam said...

These magnets are fab, I have one that a fried bought me recently that says Keep calm and eat a cupcake. You need to have a look at this website where you can create your own saying and then have them printed I fancy an apron; www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk.


Carmen said...

I haven't seen that variation before - perfect for you two :D

Linby said...

You are both more than welcome-I'm so glad you liked it.