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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Progress so far....

It's been a busy weekend [but what's new?].  Twiglet and I managed to fit in another fab Knit and Natter on Saturday at the Theatre but most of the rest of the weekend was spent on the house alterations.  

Books and Cds were boxed up from the shelves.  Videos and cassettes were boxed up for the charity shop and a lot of other unused items were sorted and disposed of....it's a great way of having a clear out of old stuff.

The corner where the doorway is going to be knocked through was cleared and exposed.  You may be able to see all the wires that have to be moved to the other side of the fireplace.  This involved rerouting satellite, tv and phone wires.  There was lots of drilling through walls, carpets and floor boards lifted and wires pulled  to their new homes and dangled from new made holes in ceilings.
Here the telly table now moved to it's new home and all the wires are being reconnected with the techy boxes.  Head torch is a must here but don't think it will start a new fashion craze  :-)
Ta da.  The wall shelving and telly are now in their new home at the other side of the fireplace.  It will take a bit of getting used to but needs must.
Oh... and just in case you think I have been sitting watching the work being done watch out for tomorrow's blog cos the army moved in here on Friday and that kept me busy all weekend  :-)


Doone said...

ooh hunky squaddies will check back tomorrow - not that your walls are not intesting!


Jenevieve said...

Hope the army isn't causing too much trouble!! Glad all your alterations are going well! :) x

Felted House said...

I'm glad it's all getting ready to take shape, slowly, always good to have a clear out of things and it's very exciting doing alterations, although not so good in the middle of the messy bits! Hope it all progresses really well xx

Karen said...

Thanks for g us your work in progress. Have to laugh a little at your hubbies head torch...mine has one as well!!! Mine looks just like Brains out of The Thunderbirds with it on hahahaha!!!!

ooooo squadies??? see you tomorrow XXX

mckinkle said...

Hello Annie, what a super busy time you are having at the moment!
Your new plans to be able to reach the toys moer easily and to have your little ones staying over look fab.
Its such a good idea to adapt what you've got to make it even more functional and how lovely that the house has been in your family for such a long time! You dont see much of that anymore. How lovely that it has so many wonderful memories for you all.

Good luck with the rest of the changes!

Keryn x

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