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Friday, 17 September 2010


I've drawn a quick plan for those who are imagining me climbing through the window to get from my sewing room to our sitting room at the moment.  The darker black lines are the existing doors. 
Our house was originally two houses that were knocked together when I was 10.  When my Dad died in 1989 we bought the family home from Mum and made her a bed sitting room with her own bathroom and kitchen [now my sewing room and the two rooms below this on the sketch] and built an extension on the back with the kitchen and the utility in it [the dogs sleep in the utility].  When Mum died in 1997  her bed sitting room became my sewing room and in 2004, when I set up my sewing business, this made the perfect room because it had the bathroom next to it for me to use as a changing room for my customers.
As you all know we are very proud to say we are Grandparents to two beautiful little girls and I love having them here so we now feel the need of making a few more changes to the house.  If they come on days when I'm working then the route we have to take from my sewing room at the mo is through the [what was Mum's] kitchenette, the utility [dogs], the kitchen and living room to get to their toys in the conservatory.

Hmmm not practical eh?  

As you can see if we put a door where I've marked in red life will be a lot easier.  I can be available to answer the door to customers and the girls can get to their Nanny Annie when they want with ease.....that's the plan....and so far so good.
  1. The fitted wardrobe/storage you've seen in the corner of my sewing room is now empty [don't ask where it has all gone  :-) ].  
  2. The other side of the wall is where our telly normally sits and it has cupboards/shelves in the alcove.....they are in the process moving.
  3. We have bought the door frame.
  4. The wiring for telly has to be rerouted.
  5. The hole has to be made.
  6. Fitted wardrobe has to be moved from sewing room....I did suggest leaving it there and using it like in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but I had no takers.  :-)
  7. Walls have to be plastered.
  8. My sewing room has to be fitted with new storage and worktops
  9. the list goes on and on and on  :-)
But one thing I'm certain is life will be a lot easier when it's done and it will be worth it in the long run  :-)


Shropshire Suz said...

wow!! you have caught the bug hey?...hehe fun though don't you love all the planning thinking about all the options
Sounds a great idea and losing the storage isn't great a good clear out is always good
Good luck with the alterations..looks great to me
Hugs Suz x

mashy20 said...

I know a good electrician if you need one for the TV wires xxxx

Doone said...

oh it looks marvelous - We love House History - please take loads of photos & journal your history...


Anne said...

How exciting! It's going to be fabulous, I'm sure.

Twiglet said...

Hehe - I think we will postpone funday Monday then!!!! I will be down early with my overalls on instead!

Karen said...

Now I have seen the plan I can fully understand that you do need this new doorway...what a difference its going to make to you!!!! But, I don't envy you all the upheavel at all! XXX

Shropshire Suz said...

oouch!...hope you feel better soon sounds like you are just working through it for now...rather you than me though badge agony!
Hugs X

The Paper Princess said...

Great layout - best of luck with your plans!