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Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday roast and a fun day Monday....

My gorgeous son and his beautiful girlfriend have set up home together in an annex of her family home and on Sunday they invited us for dinner at their newly decorated abode. [As much to show us their beautiful new home as to show us what a wonderful cook G is and I can certainly see she know the way to a man's heart].

It was a really scrummy roast chicken dinner with fab veg and all the trimmings.

Ernest came with us and spent a little time showing G his blog on the computer....

.... then sat on M's shoulder for a while to watch the footy.

On our way home we had to call in at a local pet shop to get some dog food. Ernest went for a look round the shop on his own and I found him trying out a new swing but I had to say he couldn't buy one because it would be too heavy to post and wouldn't fit in his box on his way around blogland.

Today Ernest was well over his hang over [thankfully] and was really excited to hear it was fun day Monday. He asked me to teach him to dumf so we found some wool rovings in the colour he wanted and he set to to make a Ernest look-a-likey. He needed a little help of course because he very quickly found out just how sharp the needle was and this put him off a bit.

Here he is very proudly showing off his finished result.....not bad for a first attempt we thought and I've told him I will pack it carefully in a little plastic box I've found for him to take it home with him.


Karen said...

Good to see that Ernest is looking more hisold self haha! WOW that dinner looks tasty too XXX

Julia Dunnit said...

Lordy I'm even hungrier now! What a lovely treat Wipso, and such a nice thing for your boy and gal to have a little show off. Love Ernests' lookie likie...how v clever.

Twiglet said...

Ernest look alikey is perfect right down to the stud in his comb!!

Linby said...

ooh I LOVE the looky likey - fab

Kathy said...

Fab post! You never fail to make me smile.
edit: I can't believe the word verification I've got for this message!
it's smilygi hehehe

VintageVicki said...

Ernest is having too much fun - though not sure what he made to the roast chicken dinner ;)

Love the lookie-likie - its beautiful.

Dawn said...

Lunch sounded & looked wonderful mmmm and how cute is ernist? love him your so clever!

love Dawn xx

bad penny said...

I never knew he had an artistic streak... must get it from me ( she said glowing with pride ) it CERTIANLY isn't from 'im out of doors !
He will have to teach me how to do this when he comes home - yes WHEN not IF you come home Ernest !

He is OK about roast chicken diners as long as he didn't know the chicken personally.

neko said...

I also use the felt and the doll is made.

It enjoys it though it injures.