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Saturday, 12 June 2010

My latest blog award and Ernest's latest news...

Twiglet has given me this award - she knows how much I struggle to tell lies ;-)

Thanks for the award sis.

So having included the link to her blog, I must either tell 6 lies and 1 truth about myself or 6 truths and 1 lie ?...

  1. At 8 1/2 months pregnant I could still bite my toe nails.
  2. I can say the alphabet backwards
  3. I have a pet tarantula called Fred
  4. I've delivered 150 babies one of which being my hubby's Managing Director's daughter
  5. I used to work with a magician
  6. I've been to the top of Mont Blanc
  7. I used to do bobbin lace making
I have checked out many blogs to pass this one on to but most have already had it so if you feel like telling a few truths/lies please accept this from me and have a go.

Now for those of you following Ernest's adventures here is the latest update.

Our day started off well. He was very patient while we designed and made his fancy dress outfit ready for the party tonight. He insisted on the headband to keep the feathers out of his eyes.

I told him we then needed to do a bit of shopping and he was keen on coming with us. He fancied having a go at driving but his feet wouldn't reach the pedals.

So he decided he would sit up front to take in the scenery.

He really enjoyed sitting in the seat in the trolley but was annoyed when I refused to let him fill the trolley from the drinks aisle alone.

He asked for a coffee in Starbucks but even though we ordered him a small one he wasn't sure whether to drink it or bathe in it.

He is now out on his deckchair in the garden taking in the rays and resting ready for the party later.


Twiglet said...

Well he certainly seems to be behaving himself but as yet hasn't met Fred!!

Linby said...

I do wonder what people thought of you in Sainsbury's taking a picture of your new friend! or Starbucks for that matter.
Very funny I hope he stays with you a while longer as he is entertaining - enjoy the party.

bad penny said...

Have a lovely time at the party .... I'm hoping my boy behaves.
I would like to pick up that fun award as I'd said to my daughter it would be fun to tell a bunch of lies !
I think you could still bite your toe nails while pregnant ! Goodness knows what you'll be doing at tonight's Hen Party ! Have fun x

Bettythebaglady said...

I think they were all true. By the way-hope there wasn't any chicken on the menu at that barbecue! Hugs BettyXXX

Paula Gale said...

I recon he's settling in there Annie - and it might be a bit hard for him to leave!!!

Paula x x x