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Friday, 11 June 2010

Ernest update...

You will be pleased to hear my little visitor is settling in well. He met a big hairy beast last night who, he was pleased to see, was of a friendly variety. Skye likes to sniff out any new visitor but has promised not to bite him unless he steps out of line.

He also met little robin and muttered something about pulling a bird but changed his mind when I told him he could come with me to a hen party on Saturday night....I'm not quite sure he understood but he certainly seemed pretty excited at the thought.

As it was his first night here we offered him a tea of his choosing. He said when he arrived at the post office yesterday he could smell fish and chips but when we got there he seemed a little concerned at the crispy jacket one of the chicken breasts was wearing and made a hasty retreat.

Thankfully I quickly followed him out because he was showing a little too much interest in the sign on the roadworks at our new bridge. I know teenagers like to live life dangerously but I refused to let him play on the bridge.

Breaking news.....he's in love!!!

Julia the Queen of WOYWW has blogged today about a gorgeous gift Anne has sent her and I'm afraid Ernest is totally smitten.


Linby said...

You are mad! looks like fun though. I didn't realise you had a Westie -mine was called Angus but he had a kennel name of Arran Lewis. I used to have one and love them.

bad penny said...

oh Bless... a hen party ? how exciting. I hope Ernest doesn't think he's the hired stripper and do the dance of the seven er, feathers !
One of the other teens in this household is at the Isle of Wight Festival & just text me to say she has a hangover. I hope Ernest's behaviour is better than Darling Daughters !

bad penny said...

Oh dear - Ernest does leave a string of broken hearts behind...perhaps he has met his match here. She doesn't look like she'll put up with his Lothario behaviour !

Paula Gale said...

Oh Annie - he really does look like he's having fun - but don't let him run you around in circles... I love the pic of him in front of the screen looking at the bird from Annie to Julia - i've yet to read those blog posts myself as I've been faffing again...

Now, the soft person in your post clearly has to be Dod - cos he put up with Ernest sitting on his shoulder - IN PUBLIC!!! LOL

happy days... just don't go to KFC tonight for tea!!!

Paula x x x

Linby said...

Hi Wipso
Sorry to Skye for calling her a Westie, I know what is was like when people called my Westie a Scottie! She looks lovely anwyway.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad I popped by this evening - your lovely post has cheered up my week!
Ernest looks to be making himself right at home!

Twiglet said...

Good luck with him at the hen party - I hope you have his Abba outfit made ready!!

Spyder said...

Aw...he really is smitten!!