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Thursday, 10 June 2010

I've got a visitor.....

I have a little visitor here who arrived this morning. His name is Ernest and he normally lives at The Hen House. He is on his gap year and is travelling around Blogland and is staying me for a week. I will then be looking for another kind blogger who will take on this challenging youth. I have been warned to keep the drinks cupboard locked at all times and I already know why :-) I have told him he is welcome but of course he does have to earn his keep here because as you know I lead a busy life.

Here he is on arrival. He said he had had a good journey but he appeared to be glad to stretch his wings.

He seemed to rather like my hanging rails and thought it would be a good place to do his daily pull ups.

He inspected my pictures closely and thought it was a good place to sit to keep an eye on all that was going on.

This was one of his favourite places especially when I was sewing but I have told him health and safety just wouldn't allow it.

He was really glad of a cuppa but said he was more of tea man than coffee.

He said my chicken food was really scrummy.

I insisted he also remembered to eat his greens to stay healthy but being a typical teenager he didn't seem too concerned about healthy living.

In fact when my back was turned getting lunch he found a miniature bottle of Whiskey and helped himself to a quick swig!

He has certainly made himself at home and plans to be here to watch the footy matches.

After lunch it was down to work so he said he would help with a bit of ironing.

He also seemed very keen to learn a few tailoring skills while he was here.

Please call back from time to time if you'd like to see what Ernest gets up to while he is staying with me and if you feel able to offer him lodging for a week please email me at wipso@toucansurf.com but be warned he is quite a handful :-)


bad penny said...

That's my boy !
Thank you SO much for letting me know he arrived. Be firm with him as he tends to push the boundaries normally made by a host family !

I see he has settled in very quickly with you & I really really hope he behaves.

Can you let him know that Lucy is broody - or perhaps just missing him.

Thank you thank you - please don't let him take advantage of your generousity !

Paula Gale said...

Tee hee - what a great idea... that is so so funny... i can't wait to see what else he gets up to... do you think he would get on with Dylan?

Sorry it took me a while to get here after your txt - Ashley did something to the router :O/

Ask him if he likes pinot grigio - if so, he's not staying here LOL

Paula x x x

Menopausal musing said...

Glad to know Ernest has arrived safe and well.... He looks to have settled in for his stay...... Don't you just love him????!!!!

I adored having him here. :O)

Twiglet said...

If you think he could survive a wet week in the Welsh Marches, he is very welcome to pop up here next week. As you know we are tea total so you won't need to worry about him hitting the bottle! lol

Carmen said...

Drunken chicken? You watch him with your crafting supplies :P

mountainear said...

Not sure i could cope with another daft chicken.

Candace said...

Earnest is so cute

Thanks for the snoop on WOYWW, bit behind this week lol

Hugs Can x

chris, milatos said...

Looks as if Ernest has not wasted a moment, seems to be into everything going by the photos. I think you should keep your eyes on him every moment. Enjoy, he is such a charmer,

Enfys said...

What a brilliant Post!
big hugs
En x

TheMadHouse said...

I wondered where Ernest had got to, we would love to have him stay

Jude said...

Sorry, just catching up...
Ernest looks as if he's really settled..
Be warned though...don't turn your head for a second!!
Give him a kiss from me..he is missed!!