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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hen Party and a never again moment for Ernest!....

For those insisting on seeing my outfit for the party here's a quick snap I took before I left home. I'm sorry it's a bit dark but believe me when I say I'm pretty sure you can see enough. :-) I only had to walk 20 yards to the party cos it was in our neighbours garden but believe me when I say it was the longest walk of my life because it was still daylight and we live in the middle of the village! :-)
We were blessed with a beautiful evening with none of the rain that we had been having all week. Everyone had made huge efforts and had come in some really wonderful fancy dress. Ernest was so excited and joined in lots of the photos.

This is the mother of the bride-to-be sporting a lovely green outfit...take note girls this is not an outfit to wear if you're likely to need several visits to the loo during the evening :-) Ernest really loved her wig.

Ernest is now in the hands of the beautiful bride to be.

He got in a family line up and then insisted she had her photo alone with him. She was more than happy to oblige.

The music and dancing was out in tents/gazebos out on the lawn and while I was enjoying the festivities I'm afraid Ernest snook off inside. He found the food and drink and had just a little too much of each!

I'm sorry to say I had to take him home earlier than planned and he spent the next hour with his head in a bucket! Teenagers eh!
He is now sleeping off his hangover and is muttering the eternal words....."Never again!" I really hope he has learnt an important lesson in life!


VintageVicki said...

Found him at last!!

Glad to see his behaviour is still heading in a downwards direction!! By the time he goes back to Mum at christmas she won'r recognise him!!

bad penny said...

Good thing I am a very lenient understanding mum who gives my teens a bit of freedom to FIND OUT THE HARD WAY !!!

Doina said...

Very funny! A very original party!

chris, milatos said...

Poor Ernest. You all looked fab in your outfits. Hope you all had a good time. Girl power

Twiglet said...

Oh Ernest - you really let the side down!! Love all the outfits - I bet yours was easily the trendiest!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Tee hee - naughty Ernest. Glad you had fun, fab photos
Twiggy x

Paula Gale said...

Wow Annie - it looked like a great party - really hoped you enjoyed yourself. Loved your outfit.. trust you not to show us a lot!!!

Anyway, as long as you didn't have to share that bucket with Ernest - thats all that matters. LOL

Paula x x x

Karen said...

hahaha this lookslike it was a fantastic party Annie!!!! Loving the outfits! Pleased to see that Ernest was dressed up too and was allowed to be the token male at a hen party! XXX

Kathy said...

wow that looks some party. Hope E. is feeling much "chirpier" by now.....

Jude said...

I did warn you..I hope you have some forgiving friends....
The party looks like great fun..
Take care

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