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Friday, 1 September 2017

This week's smiles....week 236

There were only two that joined in the fun last week so a huge thank you to Angela and Kate for sharing their smiles with us.  I really do appreciate your help to make the world a happier place by sharing a few smiles.

Here's my shared smiles for this week...

We babysat the twins on Sunday and we were joined by Amy and her three for an afternoon of fun at Chirk Castle.  We met a knight and maid at the castle gates, had fun in the stocks, had snack time together on one of the lawns, played tennis, rolled down the grassy banks and finished the day off playing with Grandad and the lego....all in all it was a wonderful day watching the little cousins enjoying each others company.

Little Theo enjoyed some quality time with his daddy while his mummy was on a Hen weekend.  I'm so proud of the wonderful daddy my 'little boy' has become and as you can see he had no problem keeping little Theo amused.

Milly's special little brown dog toy needed yet more repairs....it morphs every time I repair it and is really beginning to wear out buy it's such a firm favourite that I will always do my best to sew things back together for her.

This is my challenge for you this week.  We have such a stupid language that I'm sure English must be one of the hardest languages to learn.  I found this on Pinterest and had a good chuckle trying to read it.  I really hope you can click on it to have a go.  Let me know how you get on.

That's all from me for today.  Please leave me a little message and if possible link up to your own smiles.....and try to get your friends to join in too.
Annie x


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I am hear or here! just joking! The English language must use the same sounding words with so many different spellings than any other. No wonder children have problems learning to spell. However, I am here now but had to pop off before leaving you a message as we have taken my mum and dad to the coast and they were ready for breakfast so all else stops which I'm sure you understand. Sorry my post is a bit lengthy this week but it would seem that I went a bit mad with the camera. I love to see little Theo in his tub but I'm sure he will soon need something bigger. You are right to enjoy your time with the family and little Milly reminds me that I have some dog toys to sew up when we get back. Maisie and Stan are in kennels which they love as they can bark and get as dirty as they like so guess it's dog heaven. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

Oh my! No wonder foreigners find it difficult!
Great seeing your grandies growing so fast.
have a good cweek,

Twiglet said...

Brilliant! You are right it is a funny old language but very rich all the same. I might join in your funnies today - nearly had a heart attack as I sat here typing. Will snap what I saw! xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, sorry I couldn't join in last week but happy to have made it today. Your day out with the children looks like so much fun. Reminds me of days when I was able to spend with my cousins when I was young - good memories to have. I wonder if you will be able to find a duplicate dog toy for Milly when her favourite finally disintegrates altogether. Wouldn't like to be you if you can't. Oh, the English language! I love it but I can see just how daft it must seem at times. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

As I struggle to learn a new language, I really sympathise with the Spanish folk trying to learn mine. Sanish has far fewer words than English, and they seem to follow the 'rules' more. English really is very strange, but I still love to hear it being spoken properly.
It looks as though you enjoyed your trip to Chirk Castle, and it is lovely that all the little ones get on so well together. I smiled at Theo in his tub. He's obviously having a good time too.
I wonder whether milly will accept a replacement when the old one is beyond repair. Maybe, with your sewing skills, you will be able to keep adding little bits so it is never completely gone. Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

I nodded off half way through reading the task you set us, but I did complete it in the end.
Love seeing little Theo in the water bucket haha and of course darling Milly xxx