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Friday, 22 September 2017

This week's smiles....week 239

Well! These weeks sure do fly by don't they?  It only seems like 5 mins since I was sat here uploading pics for last week's smiles.  Many thanks to all who joined in the fun last week.  I hope you all enjoy a little time each week focusing on the smiles you've had.....I know it does me good.  So I will get straight to my smiles for this week....and there have been many.

Birthday celebrations continue in our family this week.  Little Theo's mummy, Gina and these two all have their birthdays on the same day so, as you can imagine, there has been lots to celebrate.
It really only seems like 5 mins since Sam and Lexi arrived in the world but yes, as you can see on their cards, they are now 6!!  Their birthday party is at the weekend and I'm on duty to make the teas and coffees there....it's my excuse for hiding in the kitchen because they have the Animal man coming bringing snakes and other exotic animals for the children to handle!! [I really don't like snakes but I'm sure the children will have fun!!].

Phoebe and Lulu started Brownies this week and here they are showing me their new Brownie outfits....they have changed a lot since I went....just a few years ago!!
They have already got their first badge to sew on their hoodies [so I guess Nanny Annie will be sewing those on soon]....it was their First aid badge and Lulu even got the special award for being the best at putting someone in the recovery position so I'm really proud of them both.

Gina sent me this pic of Theo playing on the activity mat I made him for his birthday....as you can see he loves it so that really made me smile.

My other smiles are of this bundle of mischief.  It was suggested by one of my blog followers that I would always find a way of repairing her favourite 'Little brown dog' toy and that's just what I have done this week.  I made a pattern from her original toy and made a lovely brown 'cover' to go over it.  Alas within 5 mins she had chewed a hole in it as the fabric wasn't very strong so I made another one in denim.  As you can see she is really pleased with the now 'Little blue dog' and I have kept the paper pattern I made because I have a feeling I may be making more as she chews her way through each one!!

She has also been modelling my latest range of Doggy bandanas for me and her photo is now on the wrapping of each one I've made.....fame at last eh?

That's my smiles for this week.  I hope I have found something to make you smile too and you will leave me a little message before linking up to your own smiles below.  Have a great week.
Annie x


KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Birthdays to everyone. Do you know I remember reading your post when the twins were born, cannot believe how time flies. Well I cannot because my own grandchildren are growing fast too

Julie xxxxx

Twiglet said...

Ha ha - fab photos Annie - especially your little bandana model!! xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie. I should think with your gang there must be birthdays every week just about. Happy Birthday to you all. I love the little bandanas but not sure that Milly does, she's not exactly smiling about it. Great job with her toy too. Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

Happy Birthday to all! A children's party with snakes? I would be in the kitchen too. But I do think it is a good idea to get children used to all kinds of animals and learn about them. I hope they have lots of fun.
The doggie bandanas are so cute. What a great idea! People sspend money on their pets and it is a good pet birthday present. I'm sure they will sell well.
Have a great weekend (and have fun with the snakes)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, lovely photos of your beautiful grandchildren and Happy Birthday to the twins - hard to believe it's six years already. Must admit, I'm finding that time just flies these days too! Millie seems to have taken her modelling session very seriously judging by the expression on her face and she's wearing the bandana with a certain panache. I think that little brown/blue dog is going to have many a change of coat over the years to come :) Have a wonderful time at the party tomorrow - even if you will be in the kitchen avoiding snakes:) Hugs, Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. What a cute little bandana model!
It doesn't seem possible that the twins are six already. I expect the 'animal man? is the one I used to invite to my nursery, as he was based in Shrewsbury, and he was fantastic. I enjoyed it as much as the children did. He even got me to hold a tarantula, and that was no mean feat! He threw tiny, brightly coloured frogs at the walls and they stayed there like little plastic sucker toys. I am sure they will all enjoy seeing him.
I like the Brownie hoodies. What a sensible uniform for little ones. You are welcome to the badge sewing. I used to hate that job, but there was no peace until it was done - that was swimming and gymnastic badges, not Brownies though!
Have a good week. Hugs Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

How on earth did Theo get so grown up so soon. I'm sure it was only yesterday he was born and as for super model Milly, well what can I say. Move over Cindy Crawford
Love lynn xxx

Lanniesmum said...

Happy birthday to everyone, Annie. I would be home if there were snakes never mind in the kitchen. Your family are wise to use ahall for parties-it really means the party can be so much more interesting for everyone. All I ever managed for my now 42 year old was a cartoon show with her whole class crammed into our house! Enjoy the day and look forward to the photos. Catriona

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