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Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Hello all.  Here we are at another Wednesday catch up with our creative friends around the world and what they are exposing this week.....on their desks of course!

Mine has been a hive of industry again this week....I've been dumfing [check out the link in the side bar if you want to know more]. 

I coloured a strip of white felt with dye sticks and wool rovings then dumfed yarns and fabrics in to make a batch of embellished card toppers.

I then machine embroidered details on each and mounted them onto cards.....each one is different and I love all the bright cheerful colours amongst them.

I have made 4 little Tic tac toe travel games using up some of my big buttons.....thought they might sell on the craft table but if not I know some little people who would enjoy playing with them.

The other thing I'm sharing today is something that made me smile.  It might not be so exciting to everyone but when you have to change an open ended zip in a quilted man's coat it's always exciting to me when it goes in without a hitch and all the seams line up to perfection.....I'm easily pleased 😀

So there you go, that's what's on my desk today.  How about yours?  If you leave me a little comment to let me know you've dropped in I will do my best to pay you a return visit.  I always read the blogs but there are a few I am unable to comment on [usually google+ blogs] so I'm sorry about that.  Hope you have a great week.
Annie x


KC'sCourt! said...

I know exactly what you mean about things working perfectly first time.

I have been sorting my craft room

Julie xxxxxxxx

Lynn Holland said...

Annie you are a proper wonder woman in my eyes. I don't know how you get through so much work and all so beautifully done. The cards are a winner.
I'll just tell you about my friend Val, the one who makes my dresses from old curtains. She was given the task of changing the zips on 12 of those jackets like the one you did. Poor Val.
Lynn //10 xXx

Bubbles said...

YAY! for the lined-up zip :)

Your cards are amazing - like a little garden on your desk :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday :)
Bubbles #11

Neet said...

So do you put one half of the zip in and then the other half without them being zipped together? Just asking - nosey but might have to do one before too long.
Love your cards and the tic tac toe bags - does this mean you have a spring fair coming up shortly? The cards certainly make a beautiful array for the coming season. (or is it here?)
Hugs, Neet 7 xx

glitterandglue said...

Morning Annie. Well done on the long zip - they can be a pain sometimes - but you cracked it! Gorgeous cards. They look really great all lined up there. I like those little games, too. One busy lady this week.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Always impressed with your sewing talents! I'm The cards are all stunning but more impressive is how many you made. The tic tac toe game are cute and I would think they would be great to tuck into Easter baskets. Diane #15

lisa said...

Everyone is so busy this week and you are no exception, Annie. What a lot of fabulous things you've been doing. Love the dumfing!!
Hugs Lisax #24

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh I understand the pleasure in the zip working first time! Love all your new crafts...I'm not joining in today as I have no crafting to show...again 😃
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Sarah Brennan said...

Those cards are gorgeous. You have such great ideas; I'm sure the Tic Tac Toe games will go down well too. Sarah #25

Julia Dunnit said...

Not that you're easily pleased so much as you have the skill - that sort of replacement zip job would make me shudder at the thought! The dumflings are gorgeous, how pleasureable to survey that colourful lot!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Annie, love the cards. I pointed my DIL at yours, and Tillys blogs & FB pages, as she & my son had both been trying out needle felting, and I wanted them to see the beautiful pieces you both do. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx

donna garner said...

I am the proud possesser of a piece o your dumfing - the images don't do justice, and whilst easily pleased you my be...that kind of zip replacement is so very far from easy!

Sharon Koole said...

So beautiful! Love the cards.

Sharon K #31

Lindart said...

Cute little tic-tac-toe bags! Those should go fast! Your cards look awesome to - very bright and cheery! I remember when I was sewing a lot, how excited I would be when I got the zipper in first time, much less having everything else line up too! Congrats! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, just eating some chocolate we brought back with us when I saw your comment. Been busy today washing Ski stuff so only just got round to trying the chocolate, very scrummy! Love your cards and pleased to see that the zip went in so well and yes I can understand why it made you happy Lol! and a happy crafty woyww too, Angela x 19x

Helen said...

Oh, drooling over those gorgeous pieces! well done with the zip - I have a coat with a zipped hood that doesn't line up right, it infuriates me. Thanks for calling while I was out! had a great evening. Helen #1

Twiglet said...

Oh I love those little tic-tac toe bags - great idea. xx