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Friday, 3 March 2017

This week's smiles......week 210

Hello all you lovely people.  Here we are at another Friday catch up of smiles.  Firstly I must thank those that joined in again last week.  I do love seeing what makes you all smile so please keep up the good work.

Now this week's smiles are a little different from me because I'm busy making more smiles and may struggle to visit you today.....I hope to catch up with your smiles very soon but here's a few smiles today that might give you a clue about the sort of smiles I am making....

This just might be how I'm feeling....it's my darling hubby's birthday today and we are sharing the day with some special people.

I'm hoping we feel like having a bit of a knees up.....if only I could eh?

I actually bought a new walking stick last weekend and will now have to come to terms with the stage of life I'm at.

Note one is knitting and the other is feeding the birds....and trust me when I say I never want anyone remembering me as a sweet little old lady but more of a nutty old lady who was up for a giggle.

Enough clues for today.  Please enjoy a chuckle and link up to your own smiles below.....I hope normal service will return by next Friday.
Annie x


Lisca Meijer said...

Well, Happy Birthday hubby! I hope you have a lovely day. Have fun at the party both of you.
I giggled at the old ladies' cartoons. I think our generation are never going to be sweet lil' old ladies!
Have a good week with lots of smiles,
and... mind you don't trip over that stick when you dance the night away!!

Twiglet said...

Hope you are all enjoying a good knees-up then!! xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lolol!! You and me both...I want to be a naughty old lady and am practising hard 😃😃😃. It was so wonderful to be able to show you our little corner of Wales, the weather was kind to us, I'm so glad we got onto the beach!! Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby, he's a smashing bloke 🎂🍾

Angela Radford said...

Hope you're both having a great day and a happy birthday. Loving your cartoons but got to be quick today so bye for now. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Well I made it in the end, despite forgetting what day it is. I think I am at 'that stage of life' too. happy Birthday to hubby. I hope you have a wonderful day with him and your friends. I am sure you will have plenty of smiles, even there isn't too much of the knees-up. your cartoon all made me smile. I don't want to be a dull old lady either. Have a wonderful celebration. Kate xx

Neet said...

I just love the Art Impressions stamps of the oldies. The things those women get up to!
Annie, nobody will ever call you anything but a sweet old lady (when you get there) who was nutty and always up for a giggle How's that?
Hugs, Neet (smiling) xx

Lynn Holland said...

Happy belated birthday to that long suffering husband of yours. Hope you are not beating him up with them sticks
Lynn xx

Andrea said...

Hope you both had a great time belated birthday wishes.love the oldies what fun .crafty hugs Andrea