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Friday, 24 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 175

Hello all.  Firstly I want to say how lovely it was to see so many of you joining in last week.  Thank you all for making the effort and sharing your smiles.  I really do appreciate your support.  Between us we are making the world a happier place to be.

I would like to feature a blogger who made me really smile by the simplicity of the post....if you didn't see Jo's post from last week then it's worth popping over the see the gorgeous little self seeded pansy she noticed by the road side.  That little pansy really made me smile as I'm sure it will you.  Thanks for sharing it Jo.

My smiles this week have been many even though it really hasn't been the easiest of weeks.  On weeks like this it's really good to focus on the good things so here goes.....

As many of you will know three of my little grandchildren are starting school in September and all three are starting a few taster days this term.

Steve was getting for his first afternoon yesterday....he's just checking out how smart he looks in his uniform and giving his hair a final tidy up before he went.  :-)

Shell took the twins to the school shop to try on some cardigans and jumpers to order them ready for September but when she got there they were actually in stock so she came away with them....not sure her emotions were quite prepared and mine certainly weren't when she rang the door bell because they insisted on showing Nanny Annie what big school children they looked in their new uniforms.....how is it the school song goes?
'One more step along the road I go'....yes, it made me cry when it was my own three meeting these milestones but when it's the grandchildren it's no easier lol

Of course as you can see from this pic my friend took yesterday there is another little friend who's giving me lots to smile about....in fact she couldn't have arrived at a better time as she sure does lift the spirits :-)

I have to say 'I'm in love' but wouldn't you be?  Our little Milly is a really little poppet.  She really has made herself at home here and is already getting the hang of going outside when nature calls :-)

One of the advantages of being a sewing lady's assistant is that there are lots of trinnings from the bottoms of trousers and they make perfect 'rats' to shake and play with.  :-)


And when it comes to sitting out in the garden these garden seats have just the right little seat for new puppies :-)

There you go.  That's a few of my smiles.  Please share yours by linking them up below....and don't forget everyone is welcome to join in....the more the merrier.

Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Milly is just adorable as anything, and the photo of her under the table with the chairs made me laugh. I remember when my Chesapeake Bay Retriever was a tiny puppy, he fit perfectly under my coffee table. I took him with me to California for three weeks and when he returned, he was shocked that he couldn't fit under the coffee table anymore. That photo of Milly reminded me of that, and how quickly they grow at that age. Granted, Milly is much smaller than my Bear was, but it still won't be long till she will have trouble fitting there, too.

I was simply amazed at the three little ones. I remember when the twins were just two and their locks were curly and short. Now look at them. Seems like only yesterday, doesn't it? Hope your Friday is great and weekend greater. And I hope life in general improves for you soon, too.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

OOOH Gorgeous smiles, Annie am loving the wee ones all ready for school a big step indeed.
Well done on the cute new little addition to your family too am thinking much of you all over there too sending big hugs from downer :D
Shaz in oz.x

Lisca said...

Gosh your grandies are growing up so fast! I love the photo in front of the mirror.
And Millie is adorable! I hope she doesn't get you up too often in the night.
Have a fab week. I'm off to the gym,

tilly said...

what a cute little puppie lol... the children are growing up so fast and will soon be very independant little souls....

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great to see the little ones all excited about school, lots of them have been having taster days here too. Your puppy is gorgeous, such a sweetie. I have always found the rule to be some in some out, sure you know what I mean Lol! I read the post below and the pics are lovely. As Millie will still sleep quite a lot I am sure you will find some time to sew but when she wakes up you had better be ready for fun! Have a great day.... I know you will have lots of smiles. Angela x

Twiglet said...

Thank goodness for the youngsters in our family!!All of them! x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, lovely post but I can't believe your three little ones are getting ready to start school. It seems like yesterday they were born. Milly is gorgeous ... I'm suffering puppy envy now :)Hugs, Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

How grown-up your little ones look, and they look more than ready to take on school now.
Milly is so sweet. I love the picture of her between the garden chairs. She has made herself right at home there.
Have a fun week with her. Kate x