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Friday, 10 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 173

Well hello again.  I know I'm late posting this week but I do have an excuse reason.....but first I would like to thank Angela, Kate and Neet for helping me spread a few smiles last week.  Some weeks the numbers joining in drop and I did have a brief moment last week when I thought I would stop doing a Friday smile post but then I had so many smiles during the last week that, if for no other reason other than to record them for myself, I just have to share them.  If my posts just make one other person smile then I've acheived my goal. 

So?  What's been making me smile?

Like the twins, little Steve will be starting school in September and he tried his uniform on to show me what a smart boy he will be.....I just love this photo, it really shows Steve's character.  

There will be one very lucky teacher getting this young man in their class....and one Nanny feeling rather emotional about this next step in the lives of three of her grandchildren.....just as well little Bert will hopefully be putting in an apearance in September too eh? [that's the affectionate name I have given to my next little grandson until his mummy and daddy anounce his real name :-) ]

You will all know that we moved into our new home less than 2 years ago and we inherited a well establisted totally overgrown and neglected back garden.  We have really enjoyed finding out what was growing there and moving many plants to make the garden ours.  One of the plants remained a mystery until last weekend mainly because everyone that saw it suggested that we could be growing our own canabis.  :-)  We have waited to see what would develop and whether it would flower but until now it hasn't so last weekend I took several pictures and a cutting up to a garden centre to see what they thought it was.  We had such a chuckle whilst there but thankfully I was released on bail as it was confirmed to be a Stinking Helebore that at some point should have green flowers in the Winter/Spring.....and it certainly lives up to it's name.

Finally my reason for my slowness at posting today.... Our laptop has automatically upgraded to Windows 10 and it's a real pain to get used to the changes...it seems slower or is that just me?  It has taken me til now to upload the next batches of pics!!....and in my eyes at least they are worth seeing cos they have given me so much to smile about [in more ways then one lol].

Yesterday I had two gorgeous firemen here all day....No they weren't putting out a fire [but they did cause me to get a little hot and flustered at times :-) ].  They were here laying us a new patio in readiness for the arrival of little Milly....the step out of the back door was too high for her to climb out of [I struggled!!] and we had managed with just a bit of hardcore up til now.  So here you go.....the before pics....

....and after....
We have re-used all the slabs that were here before so they need cleaning but we really love the finished results.  All we need to do now is to finish off the steps / slope / bank on the right side of the door for ease of access the the lawn but we have made plans for that ....and no doubt I will share a pic when it's done :-)

There you go....those are my smiles for this week.  Please share yours and help me to make the world a happier place to be by linking them up below.

Annie x


Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I'm a bit pushed for time this morning so will pop back later. Have a great Friday with lots of smiles, Angela xXx

Di said...

Oh isn't little Stevie a character! That really made me smile. Looking forward to the arrival of Milly 😀

Have a lovely weekend!


Di xx

Lisca Meijer said...

No, please don't stop! I'm sorry I didn't post but I was on holiday last week (Córdoba) and I didn't take my laptop as it is very heavy.
Wow, you have had lots of smiles this week. How time flies and children grow so fast! Steve looks the part in his new outfit. What a character!
Your little terrace looks absolutely wonderful. I can just imagine you sitting there when the weather's nice.
I'm having a structure erected (as we speak) on our terrace, to keep the sun out. It is sooo hot! My mum is coming tomorrow and she will insist on sitting outside no matter how hot it is. (We normally stay inside with curtains and blinds drawn!)
Have a great week with lots of smiles,

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

A smile indeed for that little boy !! He looks happy clear to his toes !!
Windows 10...started automatic here too and I happen to walk in the room and shut down my system.. I contacted them and made my statement: I am tired of updating my printers, usually not accepted by new updates and 3 other things I paid good money for hardly used and now unable to use with my windows 8.1.
I like your new stone for your patio. We used the 12x12 and I like it a lot. Easy to maintain. Pretty aqua furniture in the background too. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

Laura said...

They still look to little for school, even if the do look smart in their uniforms!
Sorry I'm not joining in at the moment, I do hope to get back to 'full' speed soon x

Barb said...

Hello Annie, I'm sorry to have been absent for a few week. Life just seems to have taken over.

That's a lovely photo of young Steve. He looks very pleased to be wearing his smart new uniform. The building work is looking really good. Now I look forward to seeing photos of little Milly running around out there. Have a lovely weekend.

I also had windows 10 just appear and agree, it does seem a little slower at the moment. Barbxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I'm back and just managed to miss the downpour of rain. We've been walking this morning. Steve looks great. He may seem small now but by the time he starts school in September he will have grown some more. This was something I always noticed when I was teaching, over the summer break they must feed children growth hormones because they always look so much bigger when they start back in September.
Have a good weekend, Angela x

Twiglet said...

That patio looks really great - you will enjoy it as long as the sun keeps shining! Get the sun loungers out ready for my next visit! x

mamapez5 said...

Annie you always make me smile, so don't stop spreading a little sunshine. Those little ones in your life are growing up fast First days at school are big events, for them and us. But how exciting to have another one on the way. And in the meantime I expect Milly will keep you well and truly occupied.
Your patio area is lovely with its flower beds all around. Lucky you to have some firemen on call to do the hard work! (I like the look of the pre-used slabs rather than brand new ones).
Keep smiling. Hugs Kate x

Neet said...

Had I had two burly firemen laying flags I think I too would have been smiling! LOL.
Love the photo of your little one, can just imaging the delightful chuckle that accompanied the photo - what a proud young man he is to be going to school. He does know it is not just for one day doesn't he?
How many days now before you get Milly. Photos have proved so adorable I am almost as excited as you (can't be as excited as you I guess) in her arrival.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx