Friday, 24 April 2015

This week's smiles....week 116

Hello all.  I'm really hoping you've all had a fab week with lots of smiles [some of which you will link up below and share with the rest of us......please].

Thanks to those of you who linked up last week.  I'm featuring Sylvia's post from last week.  Her pic of the two little ducks really had me chuckling and made me think we should have a little challenge from time to time here on a Friday......a think of a slogan to go with a pic sort of challenge :-)

If you'd like to have a bit of fun here's my pic that I'd like you to write a slogan for today...

My slogan is....'You can get two for one at Specsavers and they said pink is the new black but I'm not so sure'

My smiles this week have been many as always and today I'm sharing a couple, both of which were taken outside enjoying the lovely weather we have been having...

My son in law has been refashioning their back garden [they also only moved last year so he's been making it theirs and more child friendly].  The twins have a new area that they can play in now and their mummy helped them into one of the trees to pose for a pic....they now have a new button swing hanging in this tree......and if only Lexi could have kept the camera running long enough we could have seen their mummy showing them how to use the swing.....needless to say the tree is now minus one of it's branches cos it just wasn't up to the strain :-) [No daughter was hurt in the accident but a lot of giggles was had by all :-) ].

The other pics I'm sharing are the gorgeous flowers in our garden at the mo....some are being moved to make room for our new extension so I have been snapping pics while they are at their best.

Feel free to click on the collage if you'd like a closer look....they are sure to make you smile :-)

That's all from me for today.  Our youngest daughter Amy is 30 this weekend so we will be enjoying a party with all the family and friends so I know we will have lots to smile about....hope you will too and will link them up below.

Annie x


Twiglet said...

"I hear they are making a new version of BABE - will I get the part?"

BumbleVee said...

So, 'dahling'....... how's your summer going? ... .....

Di said...

Sigh, this is gonna be so crass but here goes 'I know that guinea pigs are prone to pink eye, but this is ridiculous!'


Di xx

Laura said...

I'm rubbish at captions though I will pop back if I think of one.
Those orange tulips are gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I'm rubbish at thinking up captions which is why I didn't choose advertising as a career! Love the photo though - there's something about pink sunglasses :) The twins are going to have a wonderful time learning to climb that tree - another fab photo. You have inherited lovely flowers with your garden - love the cowslips. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

mamapez5 said...

Oh Annie I did laugh at the guinea pig photo, but I am afraid I am useless at the caption game! I love all the flowers but cowslips have a special place in my heart. You are so lucky to have them in the garden. And as for the twinnies, well what more can I say. It is just so lovely to see them growing up together, having fun, not worrying about a bit of mud, just being little people exploring their world. You are so blessed to have them. Kate x

Robyn Oliver said...

Morning Annie, the swing incident would've been a good chuckle, the twins are looking happy perched in the tree and your flowers are wonderful, gorgeous colours....I'm moving plants too. Have a super weekend Robyn

Hettie said...

I found these on Pintrest...they are so now!
Great pics this week Annie. Sorry I am late but the internet was pants at the hotel! Great weekend though.

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