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Friday, 10 April 2015

This week's smiles....week 114

Hello one and all.....I hope you've had lots to smile about this week.  The sun has been shining here in Shrewsbury most afternoons so that has lifted the mood and given us lots to smile about....oh and we had great news on Wednesday.....the plans have been passed on our little bungalow.  :-) :-) :-)
We need to get the building regs done now and then we can get going with our changes to our new home.  :-)........it's so exciting.

We had lots of shared smiles this last week everything from gorgeous fabrics on Tilly's blog and perfectly named duck tape on Fiona's blog to a wrongly rehomed cat on Elizabeth's blog.  I couldn't chose between you so have added links to all three.  Thanks girls for sharing your smiles....in fact Elizabeth's really made me chuckle :-)

I'm sharing a few of my smiles next...

Shell had to take the twins to have their eyes checked this week.  Lexi may need glasses like her mummy in another twelve months time but for now she was happy to use the time while Sam had his eyes checked to try on a few pairs of frames....she is such a clown and loves to make us giggle.

We think Steve has the wrong idea about the dog run  :-)  It's not a dog run that gets used by the dog as you can see but the children like to play house in there  :-)

The other pic I'm sharing today is one of the special relationship between the twins....they are enjoying some sunshine together during their Easter holidays.  They really do love each other lots and share a very special friendship.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles this week and will link yours up below so we can all share your happy moments.
Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie...where did that week go, I know my hubby will be smiling because it is Friday the end of the working week. Sooo pleased for you that the reno plans for you home are approved - we're moving back to our home in Sept and have had an architect in to help with some modifications too, so we'll be hoping things move along quickly and no dramas. Your family pics always have me smiling - the gkids are so special and do provide lots to smile and be thankful for. Have a wonderful weekend Hugs Robyn

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What great news that your plan has been approved. All this seems so foreign to me, because you have such stringent laws and rules in GB. Or that's how it seems to me.

Lexi the ham, looks so cute. It's amazing what a different frame style will do to a face. Some I liked on her face, but one didn't fit her personality at all.

Steve had me laughing with the photo of the dog run. That was FUNNY.

Thanks for honoring Squiggles for Friday Smiles. I'm still laughing every time I tell the story.

Have a super weekend, and a great week, too.

JoZart Quilts said...

Great news that your plans will go ahead and your lovely new home can be made perfect for you.
The Munchkins are so cute and full of personality. The specs look really cool on them!
Jo x
Have a good w/end

tilly said...

Pleased the plans have been passed and you will be able to alter the house to suit you....... my smile was last Sunday so hope thats okay!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,
The twins are adorable! How special that they have that loving, special bond between them. The dog run is at least a hit with someone! tee hee.

Happy Friday.

Laura said...

Oh they are so cute!
And Steve - he's the one with two sisters, right? It's his hidey hole when he needs some peace and quiet!!
Hope to join in again next week x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, great news about the house - although I can see you'll have months of disruption before it's all finished but I'm sure you won't mind too much, just so long as the end result makes your home perfect :)

Love the photos of the children - especially Lexi trying on the glasses ... she looks quite happy to be wearing them too.

Oh, and the sunshine ... it's been marvellous up here so the garden has been keeping me very busy. Apparently not for much longer ... there's quite a breeze blown up and rain is expected overnight. Hope you have a very sunny weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

mamapez5 said...

Lovely photos of the twins again. I love `the hug´. It is good news about your building. It won´t be much fun while it is being done, but wonderful when it is finished. Kate x

Twiglet said...

fab photos Annie!

Di said...

Oh what happy photos Annie. And such great news about the planning permission too. It's a chore when it's bee ing done for sure, but will be so worth it in the end!

Linking 'the tent' as you suggested :)


Di xx