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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Good morning to one and all.  Thanks for calling by for a quick update from Sewing by Annie's.  Today sees me catching up with sewing jobs again.  My rail is full and there's more on it's way later.  I'm only working til Friday then I'm shutting up shop for a week to spend my time doing all the last minute bits for the wedding so that means I've got to stay head today down til my work is cleared.  I hope to have it all done and collected by 5 on Friday so I have my room clear to steam a wedding dress, 4 bridesmaid's dresses, 3 little flower girl dresses and two little pageboy suits....exciting times ahead eh?

 I had my little munchkins to play yesterday and they asked me to say hello to all their blogging Aunties from them.  Every day brings about change in them at the mo.  This week Sam has learnt to clap his hands and Lexi has cut her first tooth [Sam already has 3 teeth!].

I want to show you this little work of art I should have shown you last week but forgot.  It is an ATC swap I received from Kate out there in Spain.  Thank you so much Kate, it's just perfect in every way.

This is my table full of our wonderful new order of wool rovings we bought from Sara.  Jo and I share everything but of course this may get a bit of stroking before I can use it  :-)  What yummy colours....I can see hills and heather in the making here.

My latest dumflings are sat here on my table waiting for machine/hand embroidery and maybe a few beads before finishing them off.  The poppies are proving very popular.

Look what the postman brought me from the lovely Di yesterday.  Thank you so much for the promarkers Di...they will be put to good use when I'm dolly making...and that card is really gorgeous.  You card makers out there are such a talented bunch.
You have made me feel really special Di so thank you for your kind thoughts and, always reliable, support.

And last but by no means least....on my kitchen work surface is my latest batch of parmesan and sun dried tomato rolls so please help yourselves to one for lunch time....do be careful though cos they are still hot!

Don't forget to leave me a little comment and I will aim to pop over to say hello when I emerge from under my sewing mountain later.  Here's hoping you all have a great week.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Fab post - so much going on in that little room of yours! x Jo

Pam said...

Sam & Lexi are just so cute :-) have a good day Hugs Pam x


Wedding arrrgggghhhhh! At least weather is looking up :) we are heading up to sunny Scotland for one on Saturday. Love the dumphings and understand very much the need to stroke. chocolate biscuits were made at this end, think we are reproducing jammy dodgers today.........

Di said...

Wow Annie, how those little ones have grown - fabby photo. Crumbs, you have loads happening, I'm bubbling with excitement here over the wedding so goodness knows what things are like Chez Annie's :)

Have a super week!

Hugs, Di #10 (I stayed up waaaay past bedtime, snort!)

Di said...

Oops, me again - I forgot to grab a roll on the way out - ta muchly :) Dixx

Lydia La La said...

Busy, busy, busy.... I hope the wedding goes beautifully and that you all have a great time.
Is it still raining there in England ?
Scary times. xo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the colours of the wool rovings, soft and beautiful tones!
I really hope the weather improves for the wedding, surely it has to stop raining soon?? I was thinking about you when the weather report showed how much rain Powys had, so was interested to read your previous post. I'm glad you weren't affected though sad for the poor folk who were flooded...
Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

Helen said...

Gorgeous rolls, (starting with food, I am hungry, missed breakfast!) Hope you get all your jobs done so you can enjoy getting ready for the wedding! sounds like you have plenty to get done... Helen 22.

jill said...

so much happening at your place & having those cute little chaps come over to play as well. happy crafting jill#52

Catriona said...

Busy busy time- remember to leave some time for Annie. My daughter was married on a monsoon type day after a week of sky splitting sunshine but we managed very well by using many brollies! Thank goodness for Primark! Cannot believe it will be 10 years in October since then. We were married on a snowy Christmas Eve and here we are nearly 41 years on. So I guess I 'm saying that a( we Scots are weatherproof b) you will all have a brilliant day even if the weather is not great. Slainte!

Kate said...

Will try and save my roll until lunch but I'm tempted to have half past nineses!

** kate **

donnalouiserodgers said...

they really have changed - so grown up now..

I am coing to get two sunflower dumfings for lizzie and helen - do you want me to buy from the shop or do you want to pick something from my desk to stoke in exhange? (anything expect the painting which Niall likes and has forbidden me to give away))

dxxx thanks for coming my way earlier

donnalouiserodgers said...


DIAN said...

those rolls smell yummy - will have mine with tomato soup.

Lovely blog post as usual.

SueH said...

Oh Anne, I can’t believe the Wedding is almost here, it only seems a few weeks ago that you told us of their engagement. Well, it certainly sounds as if you’re going to have your work cut out for you with all those dresses and suits to put the finishing touches in the coming week.

And what a fab picture of Sam & Lexi, they really are growing up fast!

Thanks for visiting me this week.
Happy Crafting!

Sara Millis said...

You got loads done!
Big kisses to the munchkins... cute as a button!

lisa said...

I was just getting a bit peckish, Annie, so thanks for the rolls, they are delish!!
You are looking as busy as ever and with the wedding quickly approaching.
I stuck the flowers on with royal icing which is what I pipe around the cakes. It drys rock hard but the flowers can be popped off when the cake is cut. Sugar flowers stick better but the fabric ones seemed secure when I tried giving them a little tug to check. If I can help with anything else cake wise just shout. I don't know how many tiers you are doing but if it's more than one don't forget to dowel them!!!!!
Hugs Lisax #97

Lynn Holland said...

Ask a busy person if you want something doing. The saying was written for you.
Hope everything goes well.
I'm off to my sisters in Oxford for a week so can you keep an eye on the Doodly birds please x

JB said...

Your munchkins look so cute together Annie, hope you still get some crafty time! Jane *123

Mary Ann said...

The munchkins are adorable:) You are always so busy.

Angie said...

Sam and Lexi are so cute. You sound so busy ...and creative ...and I think if I had rovings I'd want to stroke them loads ...wonderful colours.
...And that ATC you recieved is gorgeous.
Again I didn’t join in this week but thought I would visit a few blog friends …life is a little upside down still but getting better on the whole.xx

Suz Pinner said...

wow just been taking a quick look
Babies?...almost toddlers now can't believe it growing so fast x

mamapez5 said...

I am so glad you are safe after the flooding. I thought about you last week when my son tweeted about people being rescued from Minsterley, but i thought you might be too busy to use the internet.
You little people are growing up fast. It is so great to be able to spend some time with them each week. I minded some of my grand-children and it has left me with some special memories.
I just loe the colours of those wool rovings. I've no idea what you do with them, but I'd just like some to look at!!
Thank you for the kind comments on my ATC. I am waiting for my last swap to arrive so I can post about the lovely ones I have received.
Kate xx #131

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope by now that sewing mountain has been scaled, or at least scaled back! Love the picture of the babies and the rolls. Makes me hungry! Happy WOYWW from #6.

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Amazing flood pics. You have time to bake bread rolls?? lol

Cardarian said...

Oh what lovely things you have made (including those tomato rolls yumm) I can't do much snooping but I thought I would let you know I am still here but not able to comment at the moment with my knee! Thank you so much for the kind words!
Love and hugs,

KatzElbows said...

I won't take a roll - I don't do tomatoes - but I hope you don't mind that I sat and stroked your rovings.

Hope you got tonnes done and that the sun shone on you as it did on Manchester. (That's right, the sun shone in Manchester!)

cheers, rachel #7

sandee said...

You are one busy woman, makes my head swim to think of doing all that and having the grandkids over too! Now that's talent! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

Elizabeth said...

You amaze me, Annie. Where do you find the time, not to mention the energy, to do all you do and bake those scrumptious rolls too. The children look gorgeous as usual and happy to be with grandma. Congrats on the win from Di - love that butterfly ribbon. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #75

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Oh, those little munchkins are just so darn cute!!! Now isn't Di one talented cookie! Lucky you, getting a bit of craftiness to play with.

And those rolls - yum! It's right at 5:00 p.m. here so I think I'll have to figure out what to make for dinner, now that my mouth is watering.

Thanks for your visit earlier today!

Kay #36

akilli melek said...

how exciting getting prepared for a wedding!
Hope you manage to stop stroking the gorgeous pile of rovings long enough to get all that work done.
caroline #63

sandra de said...

Ohhh those little rolls look delicious almost as good as the two little munchkins.
Sandra @31

famfa said...

Lots of lovely things to show us. Wonderful work. Great pics of the kids. Lovely dumfings. Good luck with wedding stuff x

Ann B said...

Bit late getting round this week - out most of yesterday but I'm here now. hope you have saved some of those rolls for me, look decidedly yummy.
Love your new rovings, just my colours and as you said, very heathery. Not got my felting needles out yet, saving them for hols.

Ann B

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Oh my! I just clicked on your link to Sara's beautifully coloured rovings.
Good luck with clearing the decks/rail and enjoy those wedding preparations xx

Neet said...

Oh Annie - those rolls, they look so damned good! Mouth watering right now.
Then the twins - each time, as you say, they change but aren't they just so cute! Congratulations Sam on learning to clap and Lexi, well done at cutting your first tooth.
Lovely rovings - can just imagine stroking them all and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful makes.
Take care, and am excited to know the wedding is so close - hope we get LOTS of photographs.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps thanks for all the comments - you are a love!

Samantha Elliott said...

Ooo Ooo Ooo! Don't know what to comment on first!
The twinnies are looking gorgeous. Thanks for the roll for my supper! Di's card looks great and those rovings look wonderful. Yes I agree with the heather look colours.
Good luck with the wedding preparations and good luck to the happy couple!
Hugs to you too and don't forget to breath!

trisha too said...

Usually when people post food pics, I forget all about all their other pics, but

those babies are TOO cute, and
the needle felting is TOO gorgeous!

:)trisha #153 this week, showing two desks!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The wee ones look so sweet there. That ATC from Spain is just stunning. I've seen those cut and tuck dies before but nothing that fancy. I totally understand why the poppies are popular, they look so good. They have been my fave as well. The rolls look so good! I have a bit of a snarly headache right now and I'm sure a warm roll would set things right.

JoZart said...

lots of lovely goodies there yum to everything including those two little'uns!
Catching up now my lot have gone home boo hoo!
Love Jo x

Shoshi said...

What an absolutely gorgeous post. (And yes, I did smile at the fabby photo in your next post lol! Adorable. Utterly.) Love everything on your desk and beyond - mouth watering bread! Dumfing!

As for the beautiful, beautiful ATCs from Di and Kate - I was also blessed by the ones they sent me! ("Mine-are-nicer-than-yooooouuuurrrs" sings Shoshi tunelessly!!) Aren't they fabulous? When my final ATCs are in, I'm going to do a grand revealing post about them all as I'm so thrilled with them all!

Thanks for sharing a lovely post.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your poppies are beautiful. Blessings!

RosC said...

Hi Annie,
I'm still doing the rounds :-)
I do like the idea of Munchkins on the desk! That Sam is a hoot - looked at the next post.
I used to call rovings, wool tops when I was spinning or are they different? Anyway, they are gorgeous colours. As always, the dumfings are so lovely, and the bread rolls look wonderful. I'm just putting up some sourdough bread to bake in the morning. It will prove overnight for good flavour.
All the best,
Ros. #80

Kezzy said...

Oh yum yum yum those rolls look so scrumptious. The cards and ATC are both beautiful, and your dumflings are so beautiful, I could imagine stroking them, also the wool rovings I'm not sure I could use them, I would want them on my desk stroking them lol and wow the little uns are growing so fast. Thanks for the big hugs you sent my way. Happy Woyww :-) Kerry x