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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Thought we all needed a bit of cheering up this weather so I snapped this pic in a moment of sun and thought I'd share it this morning to start off my WOYWW post.

On my desk today is...

I made the curtains last week as you know and this week my customer has managed to get the fringed edging he wants me to put down the one edge of each curtain and along the bottom edge of the tie backs so I can now get them finished!

This is the latest bridesmaid's dress one of my customers has brought for me to shorten.  I know it's personal choice but I have to say I don't think I would choose black for a wedding.   There are so many pretty colours to choose from.   It has a very long train that she wants me to reduce and there are 3 layers to the hems so it's a job and a half to do.

Before you pop off to blog hop all the other desks please help yourselves to a strawberry or two.  Even though we have had very little sun to ripen them this is the third dish full I've picked and they are really yummy.

That is all I am sharing with you in pictures today.  It's a quick post cos my fun day with the munchkins for this week had to change from my normal Tuesday to today so I shall aim to drop by your blogs to pay you a visit during nap times...theirs not mine but that sounds like rather a good idea  :-)  Sewing can wait til another day eh?  Have a great week.

Annie x

ps If you have time could read the post below we really would appreciate your opinion.  Thanks x


Twiglet said...

Delicious strawbs - I can smell them from here. Have a fab day. x Jo

Kate said...

Thanks for the flowers, weather is so awful and all of the childrens end of term events are getting cancelled so cheer up definitely needed. A strawberry or 2 went down well too.

Agree with you on the black dress, I'm not convinced, but I ban imagine a stylish monochrome look with plenty of white accessories could look very stylish.

** Kate **

Di said...

OK, so where's the icecream to go with those yummy strawberries then?

With you on the black dress - perhaps it's an Addams Family themed wedding tho'?

Happy WOYWW Annie, hugs, Di xx #59

Helen said...

It is a gorgeous dress, but I am with you on black for a wedding... but hey ho!! Thanks for the strawbs... and the picture of the poppies. Helen 16.

KC'sCourt! said...

The dress in lovely but not black for a wedding.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

lisa said...

Mmmm strawberries with my cereals, delicious. Thanks so much, Annie. We haven't got many off our plants this year. Something else is eating them first!!
Peoples colour schemes are so personal for weddings aren't they, I don't think I would pick black either. Although my sister was a bridesmaid in navy blue some time ago and I wondered at that colour choice but it actually looked really classy. Just goes to show what I know.
Have fun with your munchkins today and Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #84

KatzElbows said...

Thanks for the strawberries. I've stopped it raining in Manchester by buying a waterproof coat! And good luck with the black bridesmaid dress. If only my sister had chosen black and not cream for this very pale person to wear!

cheers, rachel #11

sandra de said...

I like the black dress and it looks particularly good with the strawberries! Enjoy your time with the munchkins.
sandra @43

Karen said...

Loving the strawberries, thanks! Not so sure about the black wedding dress though.... Karen T 91 x

Trish Latimer said...

Love poppies, so bright and cheerful!!! Agree re the bridesmaid dress, very elegant for a night out, but a wedding? not sure! Trish #68

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Black bridesmaid dress?? Not my cup of tea I'm afraid... good luck with the shortening though, sounds tricky.

I read your post about framing the dumflings or not. I think things always look more finished when they're framed, howver, if choosing a frame is an 'issue', then have you thought about mounting them with card instead, like a picture mount??
Hugs, LLJ ~57 xx

JoZart said...

Just popped in for some of those strawberries! Just recovered from the great Slovenian adventure and now got my German branch of the family arriving tomorrow so it's all stations go!
Love JoZarty x

Angie said...

Just popped by to visit a friend....I haven't woywwed this week.
Black seems very in for weddings ...I have seen a lot of brides maids in black or black and a colour.
Jake is doing well ...emma thinks the infection has gone or atleast is on the run. xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Mmmmn. Just had my sarnie so strawberries for afters are perfick!
Why is everyone so shocked at my desk today? it is not the first time! Hee Hee. Gotta let my other Gemini self come out now and again!
As for framing I would leave it to the individual! Easy way out!

Spyder said...

Honestly!?? Yes please send your tidy fairy! I got one desk tidy for last weeks woyww but now that's a mess and the tidy side is a mess! Hope it's sunny where you are..thundering and Lightening here! So whizzing round quickly! Might Have to shut down!! Have a great week! Happy WOYWW
((Lyn)) was #25

SueH said...

If only my Strawberries looked like that Annie. Mine aren’t doing very well at all and the ones I have had the woodlice seem to have got to first…..t…didn’t realise they were fruit eaters.
I haven’t even had ant Pineberries (cross between a Strawberry and a Pineapple apparently)

I don’t envy you working on that Black dress, the colour must play havoc on your eyes. And yes, I agree with you, not a colour for a wedding.
Thanks for stopping by this week.

Happy Crafting!

jill said...

Must say i can't image wearing black at a wedding , makes you wonder would they wear all white at a funeral. how things are changing . Anyway thanks for the strawberrys i only took two,,lol
Happy crafting jill#73

mamapez5 said...

Beautiful poppies. I grew several oriental poppies in UK. One was called Mrs Perry, but it was pink.
I am glad I don't have to work on that bridesmaid dress. Black would never be my choice either, but we can't all like the same things!

In your shop I love the poppy field picture in a wood frame, but I think I would like it equally well in a black one, because the flowers have dark centres. But I think I'd leave the smaller ones unframed.
Incidently, I too am a Libran, along with my husband and one of our sons, but I don't think I am particularly indecisive. I do like things to be balanced and symmetrical though. Kate x 81

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Mmm I'm not convinced that black is right for a wedding, especially if they end up with a dull wet day. Highly possible if the last few July days are anything to go by! I love the poppy dumfling in the previous post and think it's a good idea to leave them unframed :o)

Fiona xx #129

Ann B said...

Have commented on your earlier post, not much help I'm afraid, and thanks for the strawberries, delicious. I bought some alpine strawberry plants years ago and they have spread like wildfire. Only small fruits but the sweetest I have ever had and very fragrant - try some.

Thanks for visiting earlier - much appreciated.
Ann B

Danielle said...

Personally, I don't think I would pick black either. And after reading the bottom post, I wouldn't frame them either. Dani 31

Doone said...

how did I miss your link this morning? crikey I must get my glasses checked ( can't be my brain can it?) I agree, black is for english funerals not english weddings, and certain traditions I think a r e important.. go on call me old fashioned, ha ha, Luke says I am FAR too opinionated, yep... and???

dx 66

kay said...

how did you know poppies are my fave flowers :)
sadly my strawberries are suffering with all this rotten rain
have fun with the sewing
have a fabby crafty week
kay #52

Hazel said...

Yummy strawberries and gorgeous poppies. You've got your hands full with the curtains and the bridesmaid dress - hope all goes well. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x


Hi, loving the blossom header!! Strawberries lookin better than mine lol. Love RAchael #115 xxx


Oooooh a nap, yes please, got woken by my munchkin at 2 because he is having trouble breathing dh is over in New Zealand for a job interview. I seem to have pulled all the short straws! Thanks for the strawberries my alpine ones are not happy with the lack of sun....

trisha too said...

Well YUM, thank you so much!

:)trisha, #36 this week (link)

Anne said...

Beautiful poppies and yummy strawberrys - thankyou. I wouldn't choose black for a bridesmaid either - but I suppose it's good we're not all the same :-)
Re your dumfling pictures I think I too would leave them unframed. Anne x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, I'll have a strawberry, please. I agree with you on the dress. I've never been married, but I would not chose black, even if it was my SIXTH marriage. Sounds like a pain to shorten, too. Happy WOYWW from # 1, but you have already been here, so why am I telling you (grin)?

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Thank you for the fabulous photo of the poppies. We used to have a bunch that grew in Ohio. They would show up every year and I just loved them. You never see such a flower in these parts. The edging for the curtain looks complicated but I'll bet it would look great when on. I'm willing to guess that the customer does not have cats as those look like tempting cat toys. Thanks for the strawberries! Yum!

Mary Ann said...


RosC said...

Hi Annie, good to get the curtains finished. I like to finish things. Do you have bubbly with the strawbs? I'll be right over.
Ros. #76

Neet said...

Thanks for the varied photos, love those poppies, mine have all been and gone (mainly gone with rain)and those strawberries look yum yum yum!
Black dress - mmm.... jury out!
Sorry I am late this week and thanks for the good wishes. Hugs, Neet #47 xx

Shoshi said...

Our god-daughter had black bridesmaids' dresses at her wedding, and would have had a black wedding dress too, but her mum dissuaded her by saying Granny would have a heart attack!! I agree - I'd prefer another colour.

Mouthwatering strawberries.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #4

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

Yummy strawberries, Love the poppy photo. Have a great weekend.