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Friday, 13 July 2012

A few smiles from a difficult week....and a wonderful ending

It's Friday again.  I try hard to find you all something to make you smile each week.  It's normally easy cos I can dip into a multitude of pics of  my gorgeous, and often funny, little munchkins.  This hasn't been the easiest of weeks for one reason or other and today has started with yet another dark, gloomy, damp morning so I guess we all need a smile more than ever today.  So I've gone hunting through this weeks snaps and you can choose which makes you smile the most....

It could be the snap of Sam with his new soft toy ....yes it's a rat!
His daddy bought it for him from Ikea and as you can see Sam just loves it....his mummy isn't so sure!

It could be one of Lexi stood emptying my toy box....what a clever girl eh?  But I will add she didn't feel so clever 2 minutes later when she reached for a toy at the bottom of the box and ended up with her feet in the air!  She couldn't get in or out and had a moment's panic.....lesson learnt eh?  :-)

It could be the snap of Steve at tea time.....looks like it's been a busy day!
I remember his Uncle Mark doing exactly the same but when he fell asleep he landed face first actually in his tea!

It could be the gorgeous painting our 3 year old Granddaughter Phoebe brought for us with a box full of chocolate cakes she had made herself!....trust me when I say there are no photos cos they didn't last long enough....yummy yummy.  
Thanks Phoebe x

Or finally it could be the bunch of flowers I treated myself to to lift the spirits...My favourites...sweet peas, freesias, carnations and a bit of gypsophila [I added a bit of greenery out of the garden to fill it out.]

Do you know how good it is to actually spend a little time looking at what made you smile in the week?....it's not all been doom and gloom it seems.  :-)  Why not add a few snaps on your blog to share what made you smile this week?  Thanks for calling by.

Annie x

Update.....I'm now grinning from ear to ear.....My daughter in law to be has just let me know she has had her degree results....she got a 2 : 1   :-)  :-) :-)  :-) :-)  :-)  Well done Gina....we are so very proud of you.


KC'sCourt! said...

All your pictures make me smile!
Julie xxxxxx

SueH said...

I can almost smell those Sweet peas from here Annie.
They were my mum’s favourite flowers, so I try every year to grow them in my garden but never have much success, I’ll shall keep trying though.
Photos of your little ones always make me smile and as they get older I just know that we are going to be treated to some gems as they discover new things.
Thanks for sharing their antics with us.


DIAN said...

Sorry you have had a tough week. The pics are gorgeous - I think I love the one of Lexi best.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Twiglet said...

For every negative - there's a positive!! I will pop down later and I bet we will be giggling within minutes!! x Jo

Neet said...

Each one is lovely and they all make me feel a warm glow but I must admit Lexi tipping upside down gave me the biggest mile. Just glad she was ok.
Hugs, Neet x

Carmen said...

Annie, you should come link up with Virginia each week - your Friday posts are definitely ROCKIN'! And it's all about finding the positives in our week ;)

Love these piccies. What's the betting lesson is NOT learned? *g* I have a great picture of Ruby in her high chair after she had taken a nose dive into her plate of tikka. How do they breathe when they do it?? Love the rat!

Hope you have a better week this week x

Anonymous said...

Sweet peas are my favourite flower but. Didn't plant any this year due to horrible weather! What an achievement for future DIL- hope she gets a lovely day for her graduation.
Not like you to sound down in the dumps Annie but we all have those times I know.
Countdown towedding must be coming fast- say to Twiglet that her pinnies are waistcoats were beautiful- I can' t comment on her blog. Ta much. Happy weekend- I am just back from knitting group where there was little knitting but much laughter.

Catriona said...

Anonymous was me Annie-i pressed the wrong buttun oops!

Angie said...

Congrats to your DIL.
I love Sam and his rat ...I expecedt strains of 'Ben the two of us'.lol
Lexi's adventure made me smile ...is that cruel?.
Your Steve looks like my Steve after a hard day with his 3 boys.
Interesting that Phoebe coloured George Pig green and where is my cake???? lol
Lastly the flowers ... I love the scent of Sweet peas ...my late husband often bought me carnations ...and freesias and gip were in my wedding bouquet at my insistance....so all your photos made me have happy thoughts and memories ...thank you xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Awww! Cutie photos!
Still waiting for my sweat peas to start flowering properly but I understand the weather has upset them this year!
Hip Hip Hooray for your DIL

triciasconfetti said...

Gave me the impetus to post to my blog again. Thanks for the Friday smiles. Sorry you've been a bit down in the dumps. Your little ones are so sweet.
Hugs for more positive vibes this week. x Tricia


Wow the munchkins have really grown while I've been AWOL. Glad there have been positives but hope there are many more next week x

mountainear said...

You're quite right - the good times are there alright no matter how dark the skies. Lovely pictures - and great news about DIL's results! x

Carol said...

Congratulations to Gina.. Glad you got a big smile, thank you for showing us so many lovely photos to make us smile.
Carol xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, they all made me smile for different reasong, but, oh, that rat ... who would have thought that someone thought of making a toy rat! Your tale about Uncle Mark brought back the memory of my own son doing exactly the same - and it was spaghetti with tomato sauce so you can imagine the mess :) Love the vase of flowers - can't beat a bouquet to cheer things up. Congratulations to the graduate - didn't she do well :) Not such a bad day after all! Elizabeth xx

Mrs A. said...

Certainly a week of snaps to make you smile and to end on an even happier note. Contgratujlations to Gina. Hugs Mrs A.

Lydia La La said...

I am sorry that you didn't have such a great week but better days ahead. The rain will clear and there will be the rainbow! Love your little ones. How old are they all now?