Saturday, 14 July 2012

The flash of nature...

Last night the skies opened at about 5pm and it rained like it hadn't rained for months non stop for hours.  At about 8.30pm our neighbour knocked at out door and said she thought we should go out onto the road to see the floods!  We live about 100 yards from a bridge over a brook and the excessive rainfall meant the water could no longer get under the bridge.  I've snapped some pics to record it all...I remember it flooding like this about 50 years ago but never this bad since then.

This one is taken from just across the road from our house.

Yes that is a canoe!

Up the back of the post office was flooded.

We live by the white van on the far left of the all got a bit too close for comfort!

This was the back side of the bridge and as you can see the water reached to foot path on the right!

Here I'm stood in our dear friend and neighbours garden....the power of the water was amazing.....there were children running down the flooded footpath on the far side of the brook!!'s not surprising folk get swept away.

By 11 last night the water had dropped about 3 foot and this snap was taken this morning of the same footpath that was flooded last night.

Here I'm looking upstream off the can see the grass has been flattened on the right of the picture where the water reached last night.

What a scary couple of hours it was for all.  We were lucky enough to be above the damage but many houses in the village were flooded out, some of which had owners that are away on holiday.  The power of nature is amazing.


SueH said...

Oh crikey Annie, that was close wasn’t it!

It fell down here at about the same time last night and was still raining when I went to bed at around midnight. It was sunny when I got up this morning but it’s raining again now……when is it ever going to stop!

I do feel for those people that get flooded out and it seems to happen so quickly giving them little or no time to save their belongings. I really hope that stay safe and manage to avoid the horror of being flooded out.


Angela Toucan said...

I was just about to email you and check you folks are OK having heard about the flooding.
Bless you, glad you are OK. Hope the flooded houses etc dry out quickly

Catriona said...

So glad you are OK. We had rain like that on holiday in the south but today for the first time in ages it is actually sunny.

Carmen Wing said...

It's coming down here now - am supposed to be going to a BBQ at my sisters! Hmmm.

What an awful thing to come home to from your hols! And like you say, bit close for comfort for you too :/

lisa said...

Goodness, Annie. That was close. Thank goodness you were safe. These rains are frightening at the minute aren't they. Thankfully, we didn't have much yesterday.
We have friends that live in Ludlow, I must give them a ring to check they are OK.
Have a safe weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Twiglet said...

All Ok up on my hill!! Such a lot of standing water on the back roads to town and the streams and rivers are really high. Glad you are safe and dry. x Jo

donnalouiserodgers said...

oh my goodness - hope there is not too much damage, keep safe...


Hettie said...

I think we had the same rain torrent but about 9.10pm! I went out to tuck the chooks in for the night and it was spitting. By the time I got into the house it was raining heavy. 5 mins later it was horrendous and we lost internet and TV. I went into our porch to select a DVD and the rain on the roof was so bad I stood with the phone on record and text the recording to Hubby. He actually thought I was stood under the veranda outside! Our lane looks like it had been a river last night. Phew. I am glad you are okay Honey! I think we have had our fill now and it can go away for a month or so don't you?!

Anne said...

At least you are ok Annie, but it was obviously a close call. I feel so sorry for people who are having to deal with the aftermath of all this rain. So much for the hosepipe ban! We should have known to expect all this rain after they put the ban on!

Carol said...

Blimey that was close, glad it missed you!
Feel very sorry for people whose properties are flooded, especially those in Hebden Bridge where it just keeps happening this summer.
Stay safe.
Carol xx

mountainear said...

Scary indeed - the forces of nature are so powerful and uncontrollable.

I'd heard there had been flooding in Minsterly but didn't imagine that the stream in the middle of the village would ever get enough water in it. Glad you are OK. Very sorry for the folks who did get flooded - a horrid experience I imagine.

Unknown said...

That does look too close for comfort! Glad you were ok and the flooding went away quite quickly. It's surprising how quick watercourses fill up! xx

Mrs A. said...

We live right by a flood pond which can be quite scarry at times. When it rains a lot they shut the sluce gates across the stream and let the flood pond fill up to avoid the lower part of our village from flooding. When it fills up it is about 12ft away from our side fence. The 1st time it happened had us sitting up in bed reading our house insurance small print!!Glad youj were safe from your downpour. The jet stream is mean to be moving by next week so just maybe we will see some summer. Hugs Mrs A.

Angie said...

OMG ...that was close ...great shots to have as a record ....hope its not a sign of new weather conditions. xx

Neet said...

That was close - thanks for the amazing pictures - just glad you were safe but so sorry for those who were not.
Neet xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That was quite the storm! Look at all that water! Why one would have though you were in Tucson, Arizona. Our ground is so hard that when it rains it runs. We had a doozy of a storm on Sunday and the streets were curb to curb and even over the curb flooded. I was glad I had a pick up truck which is taller than most sedans so I could row, row, row my boat (truck) home.