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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

To frame or not to frame?....

Our latest dumflings went into the blog shop yesterday and as you will see we have chosen to not frame them.

  • Do we use small frames or a large mount and a large frame?
  • What colour frames set them off best? Dark or light? White or black?
  • Does the frame suit the room it is to go in?
  • Natural wood frame or a painted one?
and of course
  • The postage is so much cheaper without a frame and the frame won't get damaged in transit.
Framing is so very personal and of course you have to remember both Jo and I are Librans so deciding on a frame would be next to impossible [we are so indecisive!]  :-)  We have put a couple on the picture shelf that just suited their frames to perfection....and who would argue that the top poppy picture that Jo did isn't just perfect in that frame?

So?  Please pop over to the shop and then pop back let us know what you think.  We really do appreciate your comments.
Jo and Annie x


Twiglet said...

That is the question!! The dumfling pics look perfect as they are. I might be tempted to stretch one over a small canvas. x Jo

Emma/The Log Cabin said...

Hi Annie, the dumflings are beautiful. I've never seen these before and I think it's fine to leave them unframed. As you say, it's a personal thing and people might like to match them with their decor. And the postage is cheaper. I sell cushion covers without the pad inside because of postage. Hugs xxx

Di said...

I love mine - which is stretched over a canvas as you probably recall Annie. I'd say unframed or over a canvas - whatever, they really are little works of art! Hugs, Di xx

Angie said...

I agree with every point you made about not framing ...but I like the idea of them being stretched over canvas ...or maybe mounted but not framed.... thanks for your prayers for Jake ...I am waiting for another up date. xx

Mrs A. said...

The poppies definitely look great in the oblong frame. My little dumfling is still here on my desk. I'm having too much fun stroking its texture so thats another reason for not framing! Hugs Mrs A.


Hello, I know I know I vanished completely....... 2 months of solid tutoring and exam marking and then 2 weeks being in a far from healthy state. But I thought I'd get back into things by checking in on some friends and then start posting soon when I can finally find my crafting mojo! Love the picture it is beautiful :)

Lydia La La said...

The dumflings are just lovely. I would prefer to buy paintings without frames any time as you don't have the bother of luggage space or breakages. Great idea. Hope you sell them all and have to make a new lot!

Kate said...

Definitely, definitely frame them. They look wonderful in your choice of frames. I like the wide real wood frames you use and the peacock with the mount looks very good too.

Personally, I think you are selling a beautiful, finished project for people to buy as a gift or to treat themselves. having to frame it would just be extra work once the customer got it home.

** Kate **

Kate said...

Just posted my comment and then read everyone elses, lol! Still think non-crafty customers would want a 'finished' product and the frames set them off so nicely to catch the eye of potential customers.

** Kate **

Lynn Holland said...

For me it would be a deep frame so that the piece sits at the back and shows of it's texture and it would be in beech. Usually available at The Range and are not expensive. See how good I am at dreaming I've got it on my wall haha

lisa said...

It's a difficult one, they look beautiful framed but like you say, the extra cost in postage and everything is a difficult one, besides, everyone has different frame tastes.
You could offer both and give the price for framed or unframed and then people have the option. Is that making too much work????
Hugs Lisax

KatzElbows said...

I'm with Jo, I'd stretch them like a canvas. If you use thick stretcher bars people have the choice to frame or not and they'll still be quite light and not breakable for mailing.

cheers, rachel

Pearly Queen said...

I think it is better to not frame for all the reasons you say...

Catriona said...

I would always choose unframed but that's because I am an anally retentive fussy besom! Seriously, the cost of framing is very variable aand people would need to understand the difference in price if they wanted it complete. I have used the ubiquitous swedish company to provide the frame for my ATC dumphing and if I only had a blog, I could show you!!!

Ann B said...

Sitting firmly on the fence here as I love them framed, they are shown to their best advantage, but can understand that some would like to chose their own frame and the a frame would add greatly to postage charges. Offer both and please everyone.
Ann B

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think what frame is a rather personal question that will vary from person to person and where they want to hang it. I see saying "suitable for framing" as a nice way to market your designs. Maybe you could have a couple of frames on hand to use to photograph a few pieces in for ideas. That's my thought.

RosC said...

Hi to you both. I love your work and I think these little florals are really gorgeious. I hope I can add a couple of useful comments.

The photos of the red ones don't do them justice, and as they are at the top, they really must be fabulous. The reds are a bit on the dull side.

I think it might help if you photograph them in a light tent, or with a reflector, or with another slave unit flash. The best photos are the pink flowers further down the page. They are quite vibrant in the pictures - very appealing.

The other thing that would be great is if you had one framed to show how it might look. People don't use their imagination always.

Good luck with them.
Ros. xx

Neet said...

I think I would offer the choice. O'd tend to go for framed rather than risk doing it myself or someone else doing it for me.
Your framed ones are so lovely and I think there is so mich choice that it would be easy to make the decision.
Hugs, Neet x