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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Yes, it's Wednesday again and so very many bloggers now link up on this day and expose their messy cluttered disorganised creative spaces so us nosey folk can have a good snoop into their lives.  If you want to find out more or would like to join in with the madness fun then please pop over to visit our queen of snoop Julia.  She is the jam that keeps us all together  :-)

So folks? What has been happening in my world this week.  I've done a 'mainly picture' blog today...so it's quicker for you to read and quicker for me to type cos life is manic here  :-)

I've made two red seat pads for the munchkins to use their other grandparent's two single buggies.  I've made these to measure with slits so the straps will go through.

....they will be more comfy now :-)

My latest little 'fish and chip baby' jumper.  I'm now making the beanie hat to match  :-)  Please follow this link if you want to have a go at knitting one....they are very easy to make.

My 'to do' rail looks like this today.  Jo and I had a 'Munchkin Monday' this week.  :-)  
  • Normally when I have a day looking after the twins I am here alone so I shut up the shop for the day.  
  • Often when Jo is here on a Monday for our normal Funday Monday we have no customers.  
I had a bright idea this week that cos there was two of us here to look after the munchkins and cos I was sure we could also cope with the odd customer I would stay open.....this week I had 7 customers!!! Plus they all came with more than one item needing doing and most of them needed fittings!!!!!  If I say that I spent yesterday catching up and my rail still looks like this today then you will understand if I struggle to get round many blogs this week  :-)  I will do my best I promise. 

Also you will all know how much I hate curtains and here is another reason why.  I hate spiders much more!!!  These curtains have come to me really dirty for shortening and the inhabitants were still in situ!!  Arghhhhhhh.
So, today I have NO not one pair of curtains to shorten, NOT two pairs of curtains but THREE pairs!!!   I may be a while.

So there you go.  As you can see it's another busy week over here at Sewing by Annie's.  I would like to say a huge thank you to all who called by here last week.  I popped in to visit you all but was unable to leave comments on a couple so I'm sorry for that but I blame blogger!

I hope you all have a fab week and thanks for calling in.  Please leave me a little hello comment before you leave and I will do my best to do a return visit.

Annie x


Twiglet said...

Hello. x

Sarah said...

Boy - you can sew, knit and whip up anything! Are you going for 101 of this knits too? Just read the link - another amazing project.
Thanks for the delivery offer - my FIL is Belgium's first male midwife...hmmm I can bypass the NHS all together!
Have a creative week and happy WOYWWing... Sarah at 12!

Carmen said...

*shudder* Spiders!

Hoping to play today - just need to be allowed out to my messy desk (Craig has bubby birds in the nest out there so have to be a bit quieter)

Carmen x

Neet said...

Hi Annie - don't think I will be dressmaking by next year never mind next week - have done my share of that when I was young - this time it is purely crafting sewing.
UGH to those curtains (spider), how awful for you. I share that phobia.
Lots of lovely makes and I think the red seat pads are very clever.
Hugs, Neet #3 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You definitely win the prize for the What the Duck suggestion. I laughed so much, I sprayed tea everywhere!! I'm soooo going to call it that on my stalls and shop. Thank you, thank you..you've made my day *wipes away tears of laughter*
Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

Helen said...

oh no, more curtains!! I loved your idea for Jan's duck bags, and I see you win!! hilarious. well done, you brightened my (very wet!) day too...
Helen, 22.

Polly Polkadot said...

I didn't realise you had a real shop - i just thought you had a front door. I hate setting the length on curtains, and I hate house spiders too. And as to the overlocker - well I'm in love already (how will I hand it back?).

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the curtains!

Happy Wednesday!

Zoe #49

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh I would put the creepy crawly in a jar and give it back to the owners and watch their face when you do. LOL

You are brave I give you that.

Eliza #26

mckinkle said...

Hello you!

Super post Annie - as always and as always Ive loved reading it all! I feel tired at your busy week!

I cant believe that person brought their grubby inhabited curtains to you to alter!!

Love the jumper too, you're getting really snazzy with your stripes now!

Have a super week,
Keryn x

ps, OMG that buggy seat is amazing, you could go into business with that alone I reckon!

lisa said...

You look very busy there, Annie. Had to laugh at all the curtains. Fancy bringing you dirty ones complete with their inhabitants.
Can you do me a pair of trousers? Bought DD some walking trousers yesterday but to fit her waist I need to turn them up by 8"!!!! Do these people have no idea about children's sizes!!! She would need to be a giant!!
Hugs Lisax #74

Jaki Morris said...

How clever to make padded seats for buggys

Wish I'd thought about that when mine were small. Once when we had a hire car in America the seat was just rock hard plastic! Poor baby boys bums!

Have a great day

Jakix #96

JoZart said...

Great idea to make the seat pads....more comfy and easier to clean too. Great new project and I hope to make some as soon as I've finished all I'm doing. As for curtains... ugh and Eeek! I like spiders but it's not kind to pass them on and curtains are so boring to work on and so heavy to handle too. I used to make all mine but now buy them ready.
Keep up the great work!
Love JoZArty x

Doone said...

ever heard of Sods Awl?

you were stabbed by it missis,

dx @108

DIAN said...

What a good idea the pad for the buggy is.

I am sure it will be very useful.

Ann B said...

Don't mind spiders, it's making curtains I have a phobia about ever since I made a pair of full length (for a victorian house) brown velvet ones many years ago.
Thanks for the link to the fish and chips babies knitting. Have downloaded the pattern and hope to make one.

Ann B

Astrid Maclean said...

Amazing looking stuff, all of it, you are very clever!!

Happy WOYWW #34

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh Annie, I never considered the part that says its OK for custoers to brig stuff to you for altering before they've cleaned them. Ugh. And spiders! How offensive!! Trap them in a matchbox and hand them back with the curtains!

Redanne said...

Great post Annie - yuk to that spider and to the owners of those curtains, you are a braver woman than me. Love your suggestion for the duck bags - very, very funny. Anne #61

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I have never been brave enough to tackle curtains - have fun during your busy week! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 20

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh fun, some great variety to spend your time on. Love the colors. Peeped about to catch up and some fantastic photos. You must be so proud of these grandkids!!..Enjoy WOYWW and have a lovely week.

Cardarian said...

Well I feel for you - I a swamped with books at work - I can't actually see over my desk! And I totally understand that you are not exactly thrilled about sewing curtains! What a job! I hope you tough it out and will be soon rid of them all!
Lots of hugs,

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

I feel your pain! I have two pairs to shorten and I'm using all possible avoidance tactics.
Fiona xx #57

Lynn Holland said...

Pop over to my blog and put fish and chip in the FIND THINGS search button and see what Mr Bear is wearing
Lynn 31
One I Made Earlier Today xx

Lynn Holland said...

Sorry forgot to say...
Thank you for joining my blog.
Hope you enjoy it.
Lynn xx
One I Made Earlier Today

BumbleVee said...

Hi Wipso..... what idiots ...sending you curtains with inhabitants... people!@ I'd probably toss them out on my lawn.... yeh...I know...not good for business..but, please..there have to be limits!? no?.... arrghhhhh


Mary Ann said...

Just stopping to say hello and to see what you have been up to...very busy I see:) I agree with you about curtains...I hate sewing them too.

CraftygasheadZo said...

You are a clever lady, sewing and everything going on, busy! Enjoy WOYWW, am working through the list in shifts! Take care Zo xx 77

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Spiders live in curtains?! Well, now I have to go burn my curtains. Okay, well I have only one set in the whole house and it gets shook around so much that no self respecting sedate spider would live there (now some sort of extreme sports spider might like it). You've been very busy with more coming in all the time.

kay said...

you are so creative,love the outfit for the fish babies
have a crafty week and
happy woyww
kay #98

Danielle said...

Your jumper is too cute! And I would have freaked if I would have had to have the spiders along with the curtains. dani138

Hazel said...

Wow! you are busy with so many projects on the go. I don't envy you shortening the curtains, particularly with those spiders (don't like them) - (Hazel, #173) x

Elizabeth said...

That spider is one very good reason not to alter those curtains, the other is that they are not even clean ... unbelievable!!! I don't know when you get time to sleep let alone leave comments ... you have my undying admiration :) Hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #113

okienurse said...

you are just awesome Annie I have yet to see a project that you can't do well with needles and threads of what ever sort. I hate spiders to so had it been me I probably would have called up and said come get them they are on the drive...eweeeey! Bugs! Have a great week Vickie #41

Di said...

Yikes Annie - am horrified at those curtains.......bless you for not chucking them onto the drive as Vickie above says! But, I suspect you've seen even worse at times.

So much else going on, when do you ever stop to take breath girl?

Love your fish and chip jumper - like you advised, am taking it slowly but at least am onto a hat now :) Plus those pesky invitations are finished - YAY!! The relief, the relief :))

Hugs, Di xx

SusanLotus said...

I will die if a spider like that enters my home! :o

Happy WOYWW!
Susan, nr 92

sandra de said...

For a moment I thought you were embroidering spiders on the curtain... Yikes. Love the comfy cover you have made for the littlies. Sandra #17

Tertia said...

I agree about hating curtains. I just don't understand how people can give you dirty curtains to shorten!! Do they expect you to wash them too??? My mom would have shook her head and said: 'some people's children are different from other people's children.'
Hope you get through all that work.

Michele Pacey said...

I would not be happy to find that little critter in any packages delivered to me thank you very much. I'd certainly scream.

Oh my you are quite busy. 3 sets of curtains, oh my. Never a dull moment, eh?

Liz Black said...

What a busy week! I hate spiders too, but luckily our dog loves them and gobbles them up ... yuck! Thanks for sharing. Liz at 194

Anne said...

Hi Annie how can people send dirty things o be altered. I would be so embarassed. I told my knitting group about the fish and chip babies and we are going to have a go. So pleased they were enthusistic. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

RosC said...

I am so impressed with the Munchkins' seat cushions,Annie. You're a wizard with the sewing caper. Lots doing, clearly.
Now spiders are great fly catchers and I don't mind them around the outside of the house. When the get in, I just catch them and put them out using a jam jar and a piece of card from the craft room. Easy as...
And whilst I don't risk touching them (except the tiny money spiders), I do think they are beautiful.
Ros. #27

Bridget Larsen said...

oh boy if I lived there I'd come visit your shop. love those chip thingys and the buggy covers are just so cool. I used to sew and have a brand new sewing machine that has only been used once lol
Bridget #1

SueH said...

Hi Annie, Thank you for your message, I’m surprised that anyone even missed me, Lol!

I’m still in the land of the living but everything was getting on top of me for some reason and I just needed to take a break for a while. I do miss you all but I’m not sure when I’ll be back….soon I hope though.

I see you’re still as busy as ever. Maybe the spider could give you a hand with the curtains………..four pairs of extra hands must make a difference!

Thanks again for thinking of me


Sue from Oregon said...

oooo I do not like spideys Annie! I am not one of those catch the bug and release the bug outside type...I bet you were so very busy this week girlie!