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Friday, 13 April 2012

Bumper cars anyone?.....

"I'm faster than you!"

When you have two of everything it makes life more fun.  My Friday's smile post this week is just a quick snap of the munchkins having fun on the tiled kitchen floor in their baby walkers.....and can't they make them go!  :-)

Today is Jo and G's 38th Wedding Anniversary so I would like to wish them all the best and hope they both have a really special day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Annie x


Di said...

Aw, so cute Annie! Are Sam and Lexi practising to walk up the aisle behind M on her big day? That would sure look cute, you could decorate their baby walkers with flowers and stuff :)

Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned. No doubt it'll be busy!

Hugs, Di xx

triciasconfetti said...

Those Munchkins are really coming on aren't they. Always had the impression twins took a while to catch up with their single peers but don't think they are going to be left behind at all!!
x Tricia

Twiglet said...

Great pic - thanks for the mention!

Angela Coles said...

aren't they growing so well!

thank you for continuing to read my blog and leaving me encouragement in the comments - that means so much to me.

Bless you

Karen said...

hahaha that has made me chuckle Annie!!! Someone just has to teach them to say 'beep-beep' xxx

Catriona said...

Lovely Annie- what a delight they must be.

Sam said...

Aw! I am with Di on this one. Some lovely "tattered floral" flowers would look lovely and such a long clear aisle for them to race up and down!

When I am Rich said...

No stopping them now!

Paula Gale said...

hee hee Annie - these two look like they have so much fun in their walkers - one of the best inventions for babies who are crawling and don't want to be still. Ashley was in a walker at 5 months old - he was very forward although he needed a little padding by way of a cushion in the seat with him!!! He also used to make a bee-line for my mum's spider plant and anialated it! Hope these two haven't found anything in yours to 'finish - off'!!!

Bless - sure you have fun when these are whizzing around - watch your ankles!

Paula x x x x