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Friday, 29 July 2011

What a pretty pair....

Twiglet is coming down for the evening tonight [whilst the men are at a footy match] and we intend to parcel up the dresses we have made so far to post them to Louise so me, being me, and my OCD, had to round my dresses up to the 20.  :-)  After all 18 just wouldn't do would it?  :-)

So here is the pretty pair of dresses I have just ran up this morning in my coffee break  :-)
They are both made from pillowcases and I've used the trimmings from the one to pretty up the other....nothing gets wasted here  :-)

So Louise keep an eye out for that postman cos they will all be winging their way to you very soon.
If there is anyone wanting to know more about the Dresses for Africa then please pop over to Louise's blog and if you are unable to sew but would like to support the great cause I am more than willing to make dresses out of any pillowcases or pretty cotton/poly cotton fabric you are willing to donate to the cause.  Just email me at wipso@toucansurf.com for details.


sandra de said...

The dresses are gorgeous and this is such a wonderful idea .. to be creating such practical but very pretty clothing for little girls in Africa. A couple of years ago I got a number of colleagues to knit squares for blankets. We then donated to the Australian "Wrap for Love" project. This project has now distributed millions of blankets all over the world. Every May colleagues start asking "when are we knitting?". We have even taught the young ones at work how to knit at lunch time. Such a hoot.

Sandie said...

OCD does have it's plus side too!
They are lovely and wouldn't it be nice if two little sisters were able to wear the dresses?
Well don BTW!

Have a lovely weekend,

Sandie xx

angelfish said...

Such pretty dresses you've made and I hope mine will be half as good. I've mentioned this cause in my blog post today:)

Paula Gale said...

Oh Annie

these are such sweet little dresses - I bet they take you no time at all to make - I wish I could join in and make them with you because to do something like this must be so rewarding.

I don't have any spare material around at the moment - not sure what you would be looking for but read here that you use pillowcases - how wonderful and resourceful - recycling and helping others all at the same time. They are all looking gorgeous. If there are any other ways in which I could help - I'd love to give it a go.

love Paula x x x