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Thursday, 28 July 2011

What I did yesterday when the rails of sewing were cleared...

I set to and cleared my sewing pile early cos I was expecting my big....no I mean BIG girl to come to have fun here for the day....company for us both  :-)  [and of course she had another little sewing job for mum to do].  We were also joined for a morning coffee break by Twiglet and her daughter M.....thanks for popping down to see us.  It was really lovely to share our special times.

I insisted M posed so you could share the excitement of the growing bump with us.  I had lots of special 'hands on' time during the afternoon while the twinnies were having their daily exercise....boy do they kick! [ouch!]  As you can see there is no room upwards now so the only way is out cos she still has 11 more weeks to go yet!  Thanks M for allowing me to share this exciting time with you.

Also I set to and made 3 more pretty dresses to pass on to Louise for little girls in Africa..This one was made with some of the blue fabric given to me by one of my customers and I've done a bit of machine embroidery and put a pretty pocket on the front to jazz it up .

These other two are made with the pretty material Penny sent me from France....thanks again Penny they are really pretty.  Ive made matching bias bindings for them both and added pretty little pockets too. [sorry about the camera angle...they really are even both sides  :-) ]
The other thing I wanted to share with you is the lovely parcel that arrived yesterday morning from Di....I was one of the lucky ones to win some pro marker nibs in her gift draw.....now all I need is some pro markers to put them on  :-)  Thanks Di


famfa said...

More lovely dresses. Will have a clear out and see if I can find some pillow cases for you. Your friend looks 'bloomin' lovely'

where's walter said...

She's going to need a wheelbarrow to carry that bump around soon!!! xxx

Di said...

Oh my gosh - HOW many babies did you say? Sure there isn't another one hiding in there? But doesn't she look just great - and you're so busy sewing as ever. Great stuff! Di xx

Neet said...

OMG she is going to burst! What a big bump!
Gorgeous dresses - you are doing such a lovely thing making these.

Twiglet said...

Glad all is well for M. She will be getting so excited now! er and so will you!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness Annie...M is getting big isn't she? I hope that she is keeping well...she certainly looks it!!!

I have lots of fabric here. Would you like some for more dresses or have you done enough now? Just let me know the amount for each dress & I can parcel it up. Wish I had the time to make some but I am drowning in bridesmaids dresses at the mo. xxx

Sam said...

I want another baby now!! :-)
Sam x

Suz said...

That is a big bump..lol
Hugs x