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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Look what the postman brought today....

I want to say a huge thank you to Anne and Wanda for sending me material to make more little dresses with.  I am pretty blown away by their generosity and will soon cut out and make gorgeous little dresses with the beautiful material they have both sent.

Anne sent me 4 gorgeous pieces of children's printed material.  These will make really cute little dresses so thank you so much Anne for being so generous.

Wanda sent me 4 pillow cases and two pretty pieces of material all the way from USA......the world really is a smaller place to be isn't it?  Thank you so much Wanda.  We will have a lot of fun making all this gorgeous fabric up into pretty little dresses.

As they say the more the merrier.  The 30 dresses we have already made are now winging their was to Louise so I can now fill my rail with more pretty dresses.  Thank you all for your wonderful support for this great cause.  I am happy to have any spare pillow cases or pieces of cotton/poly cotton fabric posted to me and will keep running up as many little dresses as I have spare time for....I am really loving the challenge and having little girls in our own family makes me realise how important feeling pretty is to all little girls the world over.


Twiglet said...

Gorgeous fabric - can't wait to get going on them on Monday. Nice comments on my blog from Gez.

famfa said...

I have some linen left over from some curtains - would this be of any use? It's cream and I may have some unbleached cream linen available too once I have sorted my other curtains. I did look for pillow cases but must have given them to a charity shop some time ago.

Twiggy said...

Lovely dresses, well done. What size fabric do you need? I bet I have some lovely bits stashed away!!
Twiggy x

Calico Kate said...

Wipso... when do you eat breathe sleep???
An amazing girl you are to be sure!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I realize I'm terribly late this week, but wanted to let you know I stopped by anyway, even though I couldn't find your WOYWW post. I'm really sorry I didn't have much time to stay and hunt for it.

Paula Gale said...

it makes me feel all warm to know that there are good kind people all over the world - and most of them are our fellow crafters. How generous of people from all over to send you bits of fabric... having read that you are using pillow cases and quilt covers etc, I know anything I have/have had, are all 'boy' colours. I've never subjected D to girly florally pink frilly quilt covers (I don't think men should be), so mine are usually pretty modern or neutral - or bold - and looking at them, couldn't see any of them made into dresses really... however, I will keep this in mind and will see what my mum and friends have... how much would you require if you bought a length? 1Mtr, 2Mtr? I could always buy some fabric from the fabric shop in the next village called economy fabrics - they have some offcuts and some bargain florals on the rolls... what type? cotton or any other kind... sorry if you've already said somewhere - you know me, a bit dizzy at times!!!

Sending you all my love

Paula x x x