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Friday, 29 July 2011

Colour from our garden....

I had a quick walk around our garden last night snapping a bit of colour to share with you.

It's not the best snap cos he didn't really want to pose for me but this is our visiting woodie feeding on the nuts literally just 4 foot from the shed I was standing in  :-)

These are a couple of the thistles in our wild area at the bottom of our garden....some,as you can see, are rather more planned than others  :-) The finches will enjoy these when they go to seed.

The veg garden is looking good too....here are the kidney beans now growing big enough for the picking and sharing....you need to help yourself Twiglet.  :-)

We have put a new obelisk for our everlasting sweet pea to grow up this year and it really seems to be enjoying it's new home

Wow.....look at my poppies now.....just my most fav flower.  They are such a stunning bright red at the mo.
And to finish off here's one to put a smile on every face.  Sunshine on a stem....cos there isn't much up in the sky here today so far.  Enjoy your weekend.


Suz said...

Morning..looks like we have both been in the garden lol
Learn't my lesson with mint a looong time ago 4 gardens back took some controlling so pots it will be lol
Have a good weekend
Hugs x

Quirky Boots said...

I have those sweet peas and I love them :) I put some canes in this year and they too love it :) as the previous house owners just had them trailing on the floor!!

I'm loving the poppies too i'm certainly adding those to my garden x

thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

Love all the flowers you have shown today - cheered everyone up on this dullish day (well it is here - might see the sun later but its not showing much promise yet)
Love all the little dresses you are making too. Looking every day at blogs but not making many comments at the mo.
x Tricia

JoZart said...

Dull here too... so hot indoors but nice and cool outside. Thanks for brightening the day with those lovely photos,
jo x

Di said...

Wonderful photos Wipso! Lucky you having a Woody Woodpecker - I can swap for a naughty woodpigeon who nicks the hedgie food if we aren't quick enough to put an upturned pot over it during daylight!

Love sunflowers, in Germany they have fields of them which you can go and pick and put your money into an honesty box at the roadside. Loads of other flowers too - I wonder, the honesty box itself would probably be picked as well over here! Have a great weekend! Di xx

The Paper Princess said...

Oh what a lovely garden you have! :-)


Twiglet said...

Gorgeous flowers etc - Thistles and Eringium

Paula Gale said...

wow Annie - those poppies are GORGEOUS... what a great photo you've taken of them. That sunflower is massive too... wait til you're growing them in pots for the grandchildren and having little races and competitions to see whose grows quickest then largest... good times ahead :O) x x x

Paula x x x