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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Here we are at yet another Wednesday of mass exposure.  If you still don't know what I'm on about [then where have you been?] pop over to Julia's blog to find out more and join in the fun.

My week, as ever, has been a busy one full of wonderful memories.

Saturday was Tina and Gavin's Wedding day and Twiglet, my hubby and I were thrilled to be asked to share this wonderful day with them.  It was a beautiful sunny day and they were surrounded by all their family and friends to make their vows.  What a special time for us all.  Thanks to both Tina and Gavin for allowing us to share your special day. [I'm sure she will be posting her photos on her blog so keep an eye out].

Sunday was another day of celebration as it was our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  I am truly blessed to have spent 29 wonderful years with my soul mate.  He really is one in a million.  Here's to the next 29 :-)  These are the flowers he gave me [even if he had to have a little helper to get them for him!....thanks M].

Monday was to be another Funday but alas we were greeted with two pair of curtains at the start of it which sort of takes the edge off the fun! [you all know what I think of curtains!].  Twiglet set to and did the cutting for me straight away so I have to do the sewing at some point this week.

My rail filled to overflowing during the day but we chose to spend our day with my fast growing daughter helping her to do her lesson planning for when she goes back to school after the holidays.

 ...she is now feeling much better and as you can see here her lap is now filling with her baby bump [she says they are each as big as oranges this week and I don't think she means satsumas!....it looks more like a whole fruit bowl to me  :-) ].  
I'm really thrilled to have you looking so much better M...enjoy every day.

Here is the now finished gorgeous little cardi you saw last week.  It's so pretty and def a girly one so I'm keeping my fingers crossed  :-)

The last two pics are just to share with you.  My miniature apple tree is now in full bloom.  It looks and smells wonderful and stands no more than a metre tall  :-)

These are our three dogs enjoying the garden [of course I did have a hand full of treats to get them to pose for you!].  From the left they are Wispa, her big brother Rocky and the old lady, Skye.  They are all Cairn terriers and, as it says in the book we have, once you've had one you will never be without one.  They all have different characters but all love to please and I wouldn't be without any one of them.

Right now friends I'm off to tackle my sewing......
  • Long dress.... needs shortening.
  • Jacket....needs a new open ended zip.
  • Dress....needs taking up on the shoulders.
  • Trousers....need shortening.
  • Jeans....need patching.
  • Skirt....needs shortening
  • Skirt....needs taking in.
  • Jeans....needs new zip.
  • 2 x tops...need shortening.
  • 3 x jeans....need shortening
  • Shorts....need shortening.
  • Shorts ...needing repairs.
  • Oh yes and 2 pair curtains need hemming!!!
....and that's just until the next lot arrives!!!  I will do my best to call in on you all but I may be under a sewing mountain for a while first.  Have a great week.


Cardarian said...

What a lovely celebrating weekend you had! I see you are very busy and those curtains don't like like they will go away - huh what a list of other jobs too! Do not dispair! It will be done eventually!
Lots of hugs,

Helen said...

Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all - but what a busy time ahead you have!

Spyder said...

It does sound like you've had a great week, except for allthe sewing of hems, we had our anniversary last week too (I think) 36 years, (I was twelve of course! Have another fab woyww week, lovely and sunny here. ((Lyn)

okienurse said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like you are going to be very busy this week. Good luck with those curtains! Thanks for sharing Vickie #28

Karen said...

It sounds like you have had a really lovely week, many congrats to you and your DH.
Have a lovely WOYWW,
Karen #41

Angie said...

Wow you are sooooo busy ....not sure you have time to scrap lol. Why not give it a go though ...especially with old photos ...I use copies and keep the originals boxed ...not sure why as the scrapping would preseve them lol.
Congratulations on your 29 years ...beautiful flowers. xx

karen said...

Yikes, you have a busy week ahead! I will not expect to see you at my blog, perfectly undertandable!
Glad that your daughter is feeling better and hopefully will now enjoy the rest of her pregnancy!
Your dogs are sooooo cute! I have never seen a white Cairn terrier. And it looks like she has black ears? How cute!
xoxo Karen

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
lovely post, sounds like a lovely day you all had, lots of work on your rail,pleased to hear your daughter is feeling better, great piccies of the flower & doggies,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Neet said...

Love your little doggie pictures. Thanks for the "bump" piccie too - hope she is feeling better.
Congrats on your anniversary and what a lovely weekend you seem to have had - shame about the curtains turning up.
Take care - Hugs, Neet x

Tracey said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Glad you had a lovely weekend....now get to work! xxx

Dawn said...

Oh a wedding and an anniversary congrats to you. What yummy doggies. And the twins are moving along nicely ;0)

love Dawn xx

mckinkle said...

Belated congrats Annie for Sunday, what a fab achievement and such beautiful flowers!

Such an amazing array of fab photos, I think Ive figured it; looking at your To Do list and what with my 9prs of linens also being shortened I reckon this global warming hype may be causing the nation to SHRINK! Look at all of the clothes that needs shortening! It says it all!

Have a lovely if busy day girls!

Keryn x

Karen said...

Many congratulations Annie on your 29th wedding anniversary. I too wish you another twenty-nine plus many more. It was lovely to meet you and Jo at Tina and Gavin's recent nuptials.Wish we could have had more time. It was a beautiful day enjoyed by all. An inspiring blog. I love your garden our daughter Megs thinks the dogs are 'to die for' and so cute. Love Karen

Gez said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your week with us :)
Love seeing your daughter's bump..growing fast now! & your fur babies are all beautiful :)

Lovely to see you have lots to keep you busy! Hope you get some 'me' time too. Have a lovely afternoon.

Many Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary ♥♥


Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Happy anniversary - that's wonderful. Sounds like you had a great time at the wedding. Cute cardi there and even more cute dogs.

Twiglet said...

Well, just read the last post too!! You must have been at it since you posted your WOYWW at 5am!! Don't overdo it - you can always do the rest tomorrow whilst I am down the garden planting our spuds!!

akilli melek said...

happy anniversary!
what a busy space you have this week lol.
caroline #34

Mrs A. said...

My head is spinning just looking at your long long list of sewing. I think you need to get Scruffy to give you a hand. Hugs Mrs A.

Andria said...

Happy WOYWW, and happy sewing, how exciting to be awaiting the arrival of twins .
Andria #32

Sam said...

Haa Haa!! Now I know where I can send my Hubby's jeans for shortening! A job I HATE doing as poor love only has 26" inside leg so I can never get trousers to fit off the peg! Nice to see the "bump" now. Hope DD is better now that she is further on.

Sunshine Girl said...

Gosh what a busy week! thanks for sharing.

JoZart said...

Whew! I'm out of breath reading all that you managed this week and a wedding too. Cardy is so pretty I might just get some more of that yarn next visit! Congrats for your anniversary and it's so lovely to see the bump developing so happily!
Can you relax a bit this week... nah!!! Have a go anyway...
Love JoZarty x

Anonymous said...

What a week! So much going on, crafty wise, life-wise, nature-wise. Those doggies are sweet as can be, and who doesn't smile when they see a baby-bump?

Is it good to have an overflowing rail? I guess it keeps you busy, but oh the pressure! I would crack like an old egg :)


Mary Anne

Jane said...

Lovely flowers and lovely baby bump!
I love seeing baby bumps!

Sue from Oregon said...

Hello!!! Loved reading all the goings on this week! And I see you almost forgot to add those dang curtains to your to do list too LOL!

SueH said...

Annie, I’m so pleased to hear that your daughter is feeling much better now; she must have felt the sickness was going to go on forever.

You’ve obviously had a busy week and I see for your next post that you managed to get all your sewing done. How you find the time I never know.

Loving the picture of ‘your’ three babies too.

Happy Easter and Crafting!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Awesome pickies there and so much to look forward too, I pray Gods keeping on all...Happy WOYWW! God bless you this Easter time! TFS!
Shaz in oz.x

Di said...

What gorgeous doggies - and so many lovely photos in recent posts. And it's great that your daughter feels much better - big cheer from Hampshire! Thanks for calling by earlier in the week - sorry I'm a bit late hopping round this week! Di x

Suz said...

Bust busy busy you are!
Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better too
Hugs Suz x