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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sewing all done...

Just so you know all that list of sewing in the post below is now done plus I've had in and completed all this as well!!.....
  • Dress...shortened
  • Trousers...shortened
  • Dress..... taken in
  • 2 tops...... taken in
  • Skirt ....taken in
  • Jumper....repaired
  • 2 x trousers....rehemmed
  • Trousers.....buttonhole reinforced
  • Vintage evening dress.....lots of repairs
Never a dull moment here  :-)  I'm please to say I've now finished all the sewing I'm gonna do for today  :-)

Plus while I've been doing all that my daughter has been teaching her twins how to colour and draw things ready for teaching her class about the Royal Wedding  :-).....just look at the size of that bump now!!


mashy20 said...

What a fat tummy! and what messy colouring!! tut! I give that an F! F for fat and F for fail! hehe! Always nice of my mum to show my better side! Can't beat a bit of colouring in to pass the day away! :-) xxxx

Tertia said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. The only thing remotely interesting on that list 9 to me) is the vintage evening dress. Sounds interesting. I HATE repairs to anything. I figure once I have made it, I am done with it.

Angie said...

How brilliant are those Royal Wedding bits ...what a fun idea for your grand twins.
Question ...are you bionic???? how else could you get all that sewing done so fast.

sandra de said...

I hope you got a gold star at the end of your day .. an amazing achievement of repairs and alterations. Gorgeous wedding plate.

Tracey said...

I hope the twins were paying attention!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pomona said...

A hive of industry - I must follow your example and try to finish some of my works in progress!

Pomona x