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Friday, 8 April 2011

Even more exposure.....

Well folks it's a day of exposure here at sewing by Annie's. I've already shown you my pants and now M has said I can show you all how her bump is developing  :-) 

She is only 13 1/2 weeks pregnant but already she has quite a noticeable bump.  [ And I've just altered 3 pair trousers to accomodate her and the two babies :-) ].  Most single pregnancies aren't even showing at this stage but obviously having twins makes quite a difference....and don't forget she has lost over a stone in weight with all the sickness she has had for the past 9 weeks.  She has asked me to tell you all that she is finally feeling rather better and to say thank you to you all for your kind get well wishes.....and I have to add it is SOOOOOOO nice to have my daughter back to her old self with her wicked sense of humour.

The only good thing that has come out of her poorly time has been that we have had lots of quality time together....just a shame she wasn't well enough to enjoy it too.


Tracey said...

I love bumps! (& whats inside!) I'm glad she's finally feeling a bit better, hope she continues to keep in good health. xxx

Marydon said...
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Marydon said...

Pop over & read about our 'bump' ... congrats on the dual & hope she feels much better as time passes.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Felted House said...

Just to say thank you for your message just now, we're all a bit in shock at the moment. So sorry that I've been away for so long, and it looks set to continue too sadly, but I do try and pop in to see how things are going occasionally. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better than she was - it's a very tough time being pregnant, and I do hope she continues to be healthy right the way through xx

oneoff said...

Awww- Glad M is feeling more back to herself. It must be hard work cooking two in there! Hope the rest of the pregnancy is nicely uneventful and enjoyable.


Twiglet said...

Lovely to see M feeling better and beginning to enjoy being pregnant. Now she needs to build her strength back up to get her energy back.

Julia Dunnit said...

Marvellous news and already a picture to bring tears to the eye. I too hope that M can now enjoy a really special and healthy pregnancy.

JoZart said...

I'm so pleased DD is feeling better.
You reminded me ... must mention that one of the things my DDs found most useful was a triangle of fabric on a waistband of about 8 inches, with row of buttons one side and buttonholes the other which allowed waistbands to open gradually and adjust to the ever increasing bump. The triangle of fabric was a modesty insert to bridge the gap.
Maybe a certain Mum can make some of these.???
Love JoZarty x