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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Catch up Tuesday...

Most Tuesdays are spent catching up on my sewing work after enjoying our Funday Mondays and today has been no different.  I have put a new zip in a jacket, shortened a skirt and taken in and shortened another skirt so, this morning, my time has been spent well.

I have also made a start on making up the items Twiglet and I cut out ready for making last Monday so thought I would show you this first before I pop over to the shop and upload it ready for selling.  This one has a fabric outer and a wipe clean lining so if you fancy buying it then pop over to the shop and email me with your details.


Marydon said...

So love the colors of this fabric.



Di said...

Hi Wipso! What a busy girl you are today - and it's lovely that you find time to give me words of encouragement on my little blog. I love this (esp. as it's wipe clean) - need to make room on my desk first! Hugs, Di x

Twiglet said...

Looking really good I think. Maybe some half size ones would be good too!

mckinkle said...

Love the super on trend green girls! Great idea to have the inner waterproof too!

Sounds like youve had a great weekend with Kylie and yesterday with your sis! Hardly any difference I imagine!!

Keryn x

Kate said...

Does look good and like the colour. Do they come in wipe clean all over - I am very messy!?

I like the idea of different sizes.

** Kate **