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Monday, 11 April 2011

A special day in the sun....

Yesterday was our little granddaughter L's 1st birthday and about 20 of us enjoyed her special day with her.  There was a bouncy castle, trampoline, swing, slide, lots of sit and rides all laid out in a beautiful sunny garden.  There were 4 little children there and 4 pregnant mums so lots more in the making  :-).....there must be something in the air.

Here is the birthday girl enjoying the bouncy castle.

Here is big sister P playing peep with Nanny.

Of course it doubled up as a mattress for a snuggle up with mummy  :-)

Little P loved the new swing and here you can see that baby number 3 is growing nicely  :-)  In fact I hadn't see our daughter A for a week because they had been away on holiday in Cornwall and she has blossomed nicely while they have been away.

This is another of the baby bumps who is due to put in an appearance in about 8 weeks  :-)  We don't know what this one is yet so we are all still playing the guessing game.  :-)

This was the stunning birthday cake my son's girlfriend G made for the birthday girl. ....Isn't it amazing?  I think she should take orders.