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Friday, 8 April 2011

Let me show you my pants....

I had lots asking to see what I make with the beautiful embroidery anglaise material so thought you might like to see my pants....Well, not technically mine, but the ones I've made  :-)

"And who did I make these pretty pants for?"  I hear you ask  :-)  Well, it has to be for a very special doll doesn't it?

Here she is  :-)
I have made her for a very special little girl for her 1st birthday on Sunday.  It's my gorgeous little granddaughter L's special day and we have bought her her first pram so of course she has to have one of Nanny Annie's special dollies to push round in it.


Twiglet said...

Thank goodness! For a minute I thought you had lost the plot!
Very pretty undies for little Mollie dollie.

Di said...

Aw Annie, absolutely gorgeous! I was a bit worried too when I saw the title of this posting :) Any little (or big) girl would just adore Mollie dollie! Di x

oneoff said...

There was a moment when I thought it was April 1st all over again.

Frilly fabulous frou-frous! (And now you have sussed the pattern, there is no reason why you couldn't have a pair for yourself if you chose...)


Karen said...

Awe...she is just gorgeous Annie! Just to make you smile though...my Mum DID make me some like that when I was around 5yrs old! hahahaha xxx

mckinkle said...

Oh she is one very sweet little addition to the family!

How lovely to have a Nanny who makes you such beautiful treasures!

Love all of your new hangovers!

Keryn x

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely dolly. Hope your little grand-daughter doesn't do what ours does - she just pushes the pram around, won't have dolly any where near it, Dolly gets tossed out onto the floor!
Julie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

oh she is lovely - your grand - daughter is one lucky little girl. hope she has a good day .
x Tricia

Tracey said...

Lovely knickers! xxx

Kezzy said...

Wow the little doll is gorgeous and the outfit she is wearing is stunning. I also love the hang about you have made (previous post) how useful. Its nice to know that your daughter is feeling better. Xx