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Friday, 27 August 2010

What sort of crafter are you?...

I think I am a bit of a butterfly. I flit from one craft to another and although I like to master each craft I try I do tend to move on to another one fairly quickly. My list includes [but I'm sure there are many more!]...
  1. Bobbin lace making...I did this when my two girls were babies [No idea how I found the time]
  2. Glass painting...mostly for cards
  3. Stamping...Have read the book and got the T shirt but not something I am hooked on really so thinking of selling off a lot of my stamps if anyone is interested.
  4. Knitting.....always have some on the go for relaxation
  5. Crochet...used to crochet for a shop when I was nursing many years ago
  6. Decoupage....very pretty when done but doesn't grow fast enough for me
  7. Machine embroidery...use this lots when I'm card making
  8. Cross stitch...used to do loads especially when my children were little and at 10 our eldest daughter was commissioned to do some to go to America [It featured in a x stitch mag too].
  9. Hand embroidery...have lots of pics I've made over the years [some still not been framed!].
  10. Quilling....enjoyed fiddling with this but never really did a lot with it.
  11. Applique...Love the effects of this on all sorts and often find a use for this craft.
  12. Puppet making....I design and make lots of different ones.
  13. Patchwork....too time consuming for doing a lot
  14. Macrame...I'm sure we all had a go at this
  15. Dumfing...hand and machine...this is my latest new craft and although I've had a little break from it lately cos things have been so hectic here I love it and will find new and interesting uses for this craft.
  16. Oh and of course sewing, tailoring and all sorts of alterations.....but of course that's the job I do every day :-)
When I stop to think of it the list is pretty endless and I have spent so very many happy hours crafting in all sorts of mediums. I'm sure many of you are like me and get lots of pleasure from their crafts but how about writing your list so we can all see what crafts you've tried?


Karen said...

Gosh.....I can ditto just about all of that!!! Tho I have never made lace, unless you count the old knotted variety that my Gran showed me. I have unmounted finished tapestries coming out of my ears from when my daughter was little, the more complicated the better!

Basketry, renovating furniture, a bit of upholstery, I think I have had a go at most things...

...BUT...I wopuld have loved to tatt but my Grans eyesight was too bad to teach me :( She did teach me to knit & crochet tho when I was 6 or 7.

Could go on and on hahahahha but I have never tried dumfing!!!!!XXX

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

I have to confess to being a flitter too ... I've got bags with UFOs all over the place which will get finished one day ;-)

Never tried lace and I don't think my eyesight is up to it these days!

Spyder said...

I'm a cut it out, stick it on, plaster on some glitter sort of crafter I think!

bad penny said...

wow ! I got back into crafting by making my own Christmas cards one year. I would say that I am a messy collage maker !

I would be interested in your stamps - can you show us some pics ? I'm after old fashioned & not modern designs.

mckinkle said...

Yup Annie, I do think that crafters are just that, crafters and we turn from one to another along the way!

Ive always loved crafting too and it's been really fab seeing your list of crafts too!

Keryn x

Twiglet said...

Now then wonder woman - get your vest tucked in those shiny knickers and stop twirling round - you have customers to see to!! Love you lots - you clever thing!

Carmen said...

Ohhh a definite flitter here - drives my OH mad. 'Why can't you stick at one hobby? ' he's always saying - I tell him, most haughtily, that it IS all one hobby just different branches of it and that he has to quit stifling my artisteness or I'll whack him :P

Mine are:

Scrapbooking, altered art, painting, drawing, card making (definitely not mad on that) stamping, getting more into that lately, tried cross-stitch, it ends up inches thick with my knots *g*, tried knitting and crochet - less said about that the better. I ythink at heart I'm a messy, painty girl definitely.

Twiglet said...

I have awarded you a blog award. Please pop over to my blog to find out more.

bad penny said...

ooh ! Little felted baby Ernest just arrived - he is adorable !
Thank you so much - I love him & will display him in an egg cup xx

Ann said...

Phew! Where DO you find the time?
I cannot list as many crafts as you but I share many of yours. I flit between different ones as the mood takes me and often have a few things on the go at once. Sometimes, I have to be stern with myself and get something finished before starting a new project!

Felted House said...

My cupboard upstairs bears the remains of several crafts - quilting, tapestry and cross stitch still unfinished, and several bits of knitting that I haven't yet got to the end of. The only craft I tried and completely failed at was tatting - still a complete mystery to me although I bought a shuttle thing when I was about 12! I'm trying to stick to felt now, that's bad enough at taking over the house all by itself! xx

Paula Gale said...

EEEk - I can't claim to having tried a lot of those. Some i have done - probably a lot at school. Maybe I don't have the patience? I procrastinate a lot at the things i can do - so there's not much hope for me LOL.

Paula x x x