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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Old age hurdles.....

Old age comes with lots of hurdles on it's way doesn't it?

Some of you might remember that I helped my elderly neighbour with her emergency when she fell down her stairs and broke her leg back on Friday 9th July. Bless her, she was admitted to the nearest cottage hospital bed that was available but it was 45 minutes from me so I have been dashing up there as often as I could to see to her needs. She lives on her own and has been my neighbour for 21 years so has become a dear friend.

She still has a plaster cast on her leg and the trauma of it all has caused a lot of confusion so she is needing a lot of reassurance and TLC. Last night she was transferred to a care home just a few miles from me. She was supposed to have been transferred in the afternoon but her transport had been late and she wasn't transferred til tea time. It's so funny how things happen because this all ended up being timed to perfection. My darling hubby and I arrived just as she had arrived so we were able to lesson the trauma and settle her into her new room with limited stress and now she is close enough for me to pop to her when she needs me so that hopefully now her recovery will improve.

I have to say it was a huge hurdle for her and the change will probably unsettle her for a few days but it was a pretty big hurdle for me too. My own Mum had been in the same care home for the last 2 years of her life and being there brought back lots of memories. I had to pass Mum's room to take B to her room. :-( I guess we will both jump this hurdle that life has put in our way and life will go on. Hopefully she will settle in well and be really happy in her new home and, knowing that, I can cope with anything.


Twiglet said...

Old age doesn't have much going for it - but its better than the alternative!! You are a little treasure!!

Strawberry Annies said...

She is a very lucky lady to have such a kind and caring friend.

Kerry x

Shropshire Suz said...

Glad to hear she is making a recovery even slowly as it appears....better for all she is now closer
Thinking of you and memories of your Mum...totally understand that one
Hugs Suz xx

Karen said...

What an amazingly kind, wonderful friend you are for this lady. I am sure that after a few days she will settle in & start to feel better. HUGS for you both XXX

mckinkle said...

Its been a very trying time for her and you. Im sure she will settle nicely into her new home and a plus side is that she will have constant company there if she wants it.

Oh Annie I know what you mean about passing the room etc, somethings just have the ability to transfer us back in time dont they. Im sure it will get a little easier for you also.

Meanwhile, I guess your tan has now washed off with all of this rain we've had?! :)

Keryn x

chris, milatos said...

How lucky she is to have a neighbour and friend like you, Old age can be a bummer but with you at her side, she will cope.As for passing your mums room, look upwards smile say hi and think of the good times you had with her.
God bless x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh bless you Annie, it's hard without devoted friends and family, she's really lucky to have you - and yesterday could have been really dreadful for her without you.

bad penny said...

You are very caring & loving. I'm sure this does bring back difficult times for you but you are doing a wonderful thing xx

Doone said...

Ah Wipso, I still work in a hospital, and I was taken by surprise at how going into the places my Mum In Law went on a long journey of illness from which she was unable to recover.

It challenges us all to care for others and it often involves a degree of suffering on both parts, but I personally believe there is no better feeling than holding another person and knowing that they are comforted by your presence. If I recall your background is nursing so I'm teaching my grandma to suck egges am I not? Just wanted to say that it's a good job people like you overcome their reservations and personal committments to continue to put others needs first. Otherwise there would be a whole heap more suffering in this world.

Gez said...

Hi Annie
Sorry to hear your neighbour suffered distress from the hospital transport services. My dad uses them frequently & they never ever come when they are supposed to. He's left hanging around for hours. Your story touched my heart & know that feeling of revisitng a place with such strong memories. It's not got any easier for me & just knowing I have to return to that place brings me out in a panic attack.
Good luck with your hurdle. Life likes to throw us these little tests every so often. You will make all the difference in the world to your neighbour & thats a fine thought indeed. Love Gez.xx