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Monday, 2 August 2010

Garden magic and a special order feltie...

Yesterday we picked more of the wonderful produce from our garden and with a bit of chopping and cooking the onions and beetroot together with some apples, sugar and vinegar were transformed into.....

....... some really yummy beetroot chutney...I know it's yummy cos we had some in a sandwich at lunchtime today :-)

Also my other show and tell of today is a cute little bride bear I have been asked to make for a blogging friend. This is my latest feltie creation who I have named Grace. She is a one off feltie but I would be willing to make similar to order for anyone wanting one.


Toucan Scraps said...

oh she's gorgeous! thank you

Linby said...

She is so sweet. S would like your chutney he loves beetroot - I can't stand the stuff!

Karen said...

Awe Grace is sooo sweet, love her bouquet!

YUM YUM anything with beetroot is a winner for me! X

bad penny said...

ooh can't do Beetroot... but love your felt friends !

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Sadly tho I've asked about Ernest several times, he has not been returned - am including a pic of him in tomorrow's post. Very disppointed

Felted House said...

I wish I'd grown beetroot this year - I usually do but ran out of seed-sowing time - and I'd never thought of making chutney - I used to bake them in cream or make soup.
Grace is so gorgeous with her lacy skirt and flowers! xx

Kaz said...

Oh I love Grace, she's so cute. Mind you, so is Madeleina from the last post.
Beetroot chutney sounds scrummy xx

mashy20 said...

Yum yum! that sounds yummy!
Love the little bear.....shes very cute!

Shell xx

mckinkle said...

Aww she is just beautiful Annie! I think I may be ordering for my daughters wedding in 2012, if she ever sets a date that is!

Your beetroot chutney sounds and looks fab, oooh and Im sure it does taste fab also!

Keryn x

Anonymous said...

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