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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What a fab weekend.....

Saturday afternoon was a footy afternoon for the guys so it was a girly afternoon for us :-) Twiglet and her daughter joined me, my two daughters and my 2 gorgeous little granddaughters for the afternoon. The house was filled with pop-up tents and a ball pool and picture books and toys and a wonderful time was had by all. Days should be filled by special times like that.

Sunday was a quality time together for my darling hubby and me. We escaped early hoping we could be spared from any emergencies this week. We called in at Dolittles pet's store on the Bridgenorth to Wolverhampton road. We were looking for bird food but I was surprised by my eldest Nephew who has been working there for a while. It was really lovely to see him looking so well and happy and to have a quick catch up with family news. On the same site is a garden centre and some really lovely little units with crafts of all sorts in so of course we had to have a browse round before setting off for our next goal. We needed a new carousel for one of the corner kitchen units so called in to Ikea to pick one up. Of course we can't go there without a quick walk round and a few new, unplanned purchases :-)
We called in to a lovely garden centre for a Sunday lunch and managed to get home without there being any emergencies on the home front.

Monday was a day of getting things done at home. Hubby painted the windows at the back of the house.....

..... while I cleared all the dumped stash out of the fireplace arch in my sewing room.....what a lot of stuff can be stored in such a small space!

He then fitted my new Ikea hangy thingy and I gave a quick lick of fresh paint to the area before sorting and replacing all my stash tidily.

My son called home needing a pair of jeans shortening so I made him a bargain.....if I shorten his jeans he can pick the plums for me :-) [I knew there was a reason for having such a tall son].

I then set to and made 5 jars of plum jam...yum yum. There is such a glut of wonderful fruit and veg at the mo and I can't bear to see it going to waste...it will be tomato chutney next when I can get some more jars :-)

I then took a walk down the garden to see what else was available and have to admit we have a failure.

This is what our calabrese look like! It appears the cabbage white butterflies have got there first. There isn't a leaf that hasn't been eaten! Some you win, some you loose eh?

I finished off my day crocheting some brooches so today I will be finishing these off with buttons and brooch backs. Not sure what I think of these buttons yet though.

Thanks for taking time out to read my news. Hope you all had a great weekend too.


Spyder said...

Ohoo! When the picture came up I actually thought it was still bubbling!! That IS going to be really yummy!! What a great day... I'm dog sitting, so I'll say no more...

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely, Annie, of such weekends are memories made - I like being at home just doing together type chores and such. Am impressed that you cleared out AND put a lick o'paint on - that's real sorting!

bayou said...

Lovely weekend, Wispo - it must be a bonus to have a sister living close with the same interests. I love that combination of garden center and craft shop! That is so clever in the UK! There is one in Cheshire where we go every time. We spend a long while in the garden center first and then I enter the craft shop. During that time, EG goes back into the garden center and enhances the UK economy again. And those plums, yummeee! We have very tiny ones from a tree which came from the UK, looks a bit like Damson but is not. Those were harvested yesterday and EG got some high % alcohol today to put them in, so no more jam this time. Pity for the cabbage but those wee butterflies need food as well ;-)

Karen said...

Awe Annie...what a wonderful weekend that sounds! All of that & Ikea too sounds like my idea of heaven, XXX

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I have given you a blog award at http://sarastexturecrafts.blogspot.com/2010/08/cherry-on-top-award.html

Sara x

mashy20 said...

What busy bank holiday weekend you had! That cabbage leaf photo made me feel a little tickly! AAAHHH I am glad I didn't go down your garden and see all those caterpillars!!

Nice brooches and do you need me to collect jars for you for your jam?

Shell xxx

Twiglet said...

And a fab Fun day Tuesday followed!! Thanks for the plum jam - we will all enjoy it!! Now those new little brooches looked even better once we got the right beads and buttons on them!!!!!