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Friday, 22 January 2010

Its my show and tell Friday...

As promised I am still managing my 20 minuters every day. It's been a little more difficult this week because I have had lot of customers and sewn most of every day and have even worked 2 evenings doing fittings [one was a wedding dress fitting :-) ] .
I have dumfed all week to stock the shelves of our new blog shop and am really loving the results. They will be hopefully be put in the shop today so watch this space :-)

This is a blue themed picture in a light wood frame.

This is one for the poppy lovers amongst you. The black frame really sets them off well.

I then moved on to card making and these are my latest batches of cards. Thought you might like to see them before they are packed up ready for the shop.

This was a set I made using orange/peach colours. They look much better in real life. The light here is really dull this morning so they have not snapped well.

This is a more abstract purple set. We intend setting up a small photo studio later with better lighting so hopefully these will look better once in the shop. The colours are really warm and rich and the effect is really lovely.

I would really like to thank MarmaladeRose for the encouragement to keep up with the 20 Minuters because it really has kept my creativity flowing.


Julia Dunnit said...

Grast post Wipso. These 20 minutes are proving me right - you are prolific!

Ann said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love the blue and purple hues you use. Cannot wait to see them in the shop!